Love, Lust, or Something Else

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Chapter 46: Deep Down Inside

She misses his scent when

he kissed her on the lips the
way his hands felt upon her
naked breast the way he
looked at her while staring
through her eyes she felt
like she was so beautiful
not like other guys, she felt
the beating of their pounding
hearts as she laid there
moaning and breathing very
hard holding tight on to him
as the passion filled the stars
her mind would start racing
as she felt them now becoming
one, holding on to forever she
could hardly see so in love
together and as happy as she
could be. Waking up to the
morning with the rising sun
then starting it up all over
never wanting it to be done.
He does not see that she is

not a Barbie doll or that she
will never be a model no he
does not care at all, he loves
her for which she has deep
inside her soul that shines she
cannot hide never looked at
by any other guys for he only
sees her beauty and for that
she looks at him with tears in joy
as he looks at her she now looks
at him the close the blinds and
the light now dims it starts all
over again.

Poetry is all the laughter in our souls as our hearts are breaking while our minds do not know what to do.

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