Love, Lust, or Something Else

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Chapter 47: You will always be

All of this deep sadness

that I now carry, I will always
feel for you as the sight of
our big empty bed is
still filled with all of the
memories of the happiest
night of my entire life, that
day when we got married
and we both said I do while
the black stained tears of
loneliness now start to
fall , the smile from all
the many thoughts of you
begin now to shine through,
I miss you so much more
than you will now ever
know ever since that day
that you said goodbye
than had to go, but I do
understand deep inside
of me of all the reasons
why it had to be so.
Our love we had together
was once unbreakable even
as it begin to slow and
even when you had your
reasons for having to
let me go, I just want
you to know all my love
for you has never ended
and still It does flow,
so now even today as
I look up to towards the
sky, I ask our God why it
was that did you have to
die, I wonder to myself
if you still holding me tight
for I feel you against me
when I fall asleep night,
when I am dreaming of
better times, telling jokes
with our friends while
drinking a few glasses
of our favorite white wine.
I will always cherish
those times that we had,
even with all the smiles
that I show, I am still feeling
sad, I just wanted you to
know that where you are
In heaven with God and
his angels, no matter what
happens, you will always
be the beating in my
heart, and the memories
of my mind while dancing
in the rain at beach with
my soul.

Will the last of the tear drops fall?
When the last of battles do end.
Will peace cast a spell to enthrall?
When hearts and souls do ascend.

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