Love, Lust, or Something Else

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Chapter 48: I am broken

I am broken, used up,

emptied of everything that
I once had inside of me
and out, thrown
away like the garbage
on a Monday morning
trash day discarded
and left on the corner
of the street
like empty pizza boxes
and beer cans after
a weekend frat party
to be picked up and
hauled away not in
the recycle bin to be cleaned
up and reused no not
me far from that you see
for my heart has been
broken so many times
that it shall never beat
again at least
Not in loves capacity by
any means for after all
of these many years
of giving my love away
wanting to feel what love
Felt like when it was
returned yet getting nothing
but used and burned
hoping to taste the
sweet smell of passion
as the heat of love burned out
of control yet was always
left out in the rain and
cold to know what it felt
like to be desired and
wanted not lied to and
cheated on every time
I turned around time and
time again taking advantage
of the love I once knew
that flowed like a mighty
River from my heart
until one day it was gone
not even drop to drip
Replaced with insecurity
and no self-worth used
up years of abuse until
finally I gave up the spring
In my step now a limp
as I walk and the light
from my eyes have gone
dim so I hide in my room
In the dark by myself, alone
With my sadness and deep
sorrow waiting for God
to take me back home
once again, a soldier in his
army beaten and bruised
Defeated by the darkness
that I once conquered, you
see I believed that love could
beat hate and I could save
those from the fires of hell
down below, but I did not
know that some people
have already lost their souls
That you cannot save
those that do not want to be
saved for in so trying I lost
myself and all that
I was Just man that wanted
what we all do to find
that one that you can say
I LOVE YOU and to know
when they said I Love you two

They meant it.

As his heart was breaking her soul was there to catch the pieces as they fell.

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