Love, Lust, or Something Else

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Chapter 49: Poetry is alive

Poetry is not dead for it lives

inside us all, the key is finding
out what unlocks it. Anyone
can rhyme words together but
until they can hear a heart break
or feel the pain of broken dreams
from a falling tear drop as it hits
the ground, to feel the emptiness
of sorrow and hear the whisper
of loneliness to listen to and write
down what your soul wants to say
as it dances across the sky with
shooting stars at midnight outside
in the pouring rain. Poetry will live
as long as there is a beating heart
pumping the ink that carries all
of the words and the feelings
of what our souls need to say, Poetry
will be as long as the birds sing
their songs newborn babies are
being born, snowflakes still fall
and beautiful waterfalls, while war
rages and hate still plagues us,
peace on earth becomes contagious,
while crayons in their boxes are
still considered the color of our
races separating our people by
outdated status, poetry has been
since the beginning and shall stay
till the end healing its author
and those who will let it in for
poetry is indeed still very much
alive and needed more now than at
any time before if this world is to
survive as we have a gift that comes
from high above as angels lead the way
with a Poets Battle Cry.

Even though she was picking up all the pieces of his broken heart his soul could not hear her heart speaking to him.

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