Love, Lust, or Something Else

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Chapter 5: Could you still love someone like me?

If I told you just how broken
that I am inside could you
still love someone like me?
My heart may not beat like
it once did in the past at one
time before but I know that
I still have a whole lot to give
and my soul is still dancing
across the night skies by the
light of the full moon and the
falling stars as it rides all the
ones that it has wished on
just hoping that it leads to the
love it has been wishing for.
I am looking to begin a new
chapter in life that finally
starts with once upon a time
as we will write a happily ever
after while being in love from
that day forevermore until the
sands of time run out, not
necessarily as a husband and
a wife but partners in life who
share a spark in each other’s
heart, mind, and soul walking
hand in hand with our lips
upon our lips in romance with
deep rooted passion in the
companionship of each other’s
arms with patients and understanding
as time heals wounds.

Clear blue sky shining
A beautiful Fort Worth day
Gentle breeze blows away

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