Love, Lust, or Something Else

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Chapter 51: Waiting to be reborn

All of these many years I

have felt in my heart and
down deep in my soul
of totally and with no doubt
believing that you and I
belonged together for always
into forever and more the
two of us as in life soul mates
with our pounding hearts
beating as one two lonely
people lost just needing
to be loved, whose Prayers
had finally been answered
brought by chance together
that night by our God and
all of his angels looking
down upon us from his
throne high above. looking
deep into each other’s eyes
for that one brief moment
in time while reaching
in to take a dance with one
another’s soul ever since that
night after that first kiss that
one I am truly thankful I
did not miss it seems like
all of the stars up in the night
skies have been so much
brighter as they shine their
shimmering lights down upon
us so that me and you could
lay down on the rose colored
blanket during the mid-summer
nights at the beach under a
big beautiful full moon while
we made love until the next
day at noon. We have had our
fair share of disagreements
tell me one single couple that
never do and I will sell you
some ocean front property in
Arizona then have George
Strait buy you a stairway to
heaven too. I have been lower
then hell’s rings of fires where
the devil himself danced in
my shoes while on the other
hand you have taken me to
heights close to heaven higher
then I have ever known where
I wish we could have lived
forever until addiction stole
all the trust that held us
together causing us to fall
spinning out of control till we
both hit the ground I believe
that souls mates are forever in
love together as they have
been since the dawn of time
so I will be waiting for you in
the next life when our lord
who art in heaven and all his
glory sees fit to send us back
here on earth to be reborn.

When she looked into his eyes her soul reached out and held his heart in her arms.

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