Love, Lust, or Something Else

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Chapter 52: How do you say “Goodbye”? No, really.

How do you say “goodbye” to

someone that you have
loved, lusted, and believed in,
As they abused you mentally,
emotionally, and sexually
for years and years on end
and though it has been quite
difficult for me to even admit
Through all of this I am only
Now trying just to understand
even while they were only
using you taking everything and
Everyone from you that they can,
making all kinds excuse about
money, sex, and where they have
been No, I am talking as in
goodbye see you later but
just as I said “Goodbye” , like
in forever, never to see me again
adios, amigos in case you speak
Spanish, but I will scream it out
in every language so I know that
you will understand. I am also
damn tired of being so Lonely
and being with you, loneliness
had become my best friend,
for you would need to have
a soul to begin with and
heart to feel sympathy or even
love and I truly fear that now, I
know that your heart and soul
are still missing and are presumed
that they are already dead.
You always say that you are not
into making love or any type of
affection turn away from hugs,
kisses, or emotion but it is not
me because you don’t even want
any other person, yet in the last
two years supposedly that we
were and I quite back together
every single time that I turned
around you slept with at least
seven other men. When it
comes to selfishness there
is nobody on this earth ever
born or ever will be better at
putting themselves over their
children, family or even significant
other than you and if it had to
have a picture or a face behind
the meaning of its name
you would be the queen of the
poster children this the world
would see. So, you see that is my
delicate dilemma in the only way
that I can ask for any reason of
how do you say goodbye? My choice
in the matter of my little poetically
poetic satire and of being far from
politically correct it really means
anything at all would be just to
In my own way, say I am done
being treated like I am an idiot a
loser and being abused and
mistreated, no more names
your to blame for how I feel so
Get all of shit together, get your
Fat ass of the floor you Bitch, and I
would say there is the front door
but you will not embarrass me
anymore, so please like the
criminal that you really are
take the window or the back
door, because this neighborhood
is responsible and respectable
and I do not want them see you
in all your glory who is nothing
more than big lazy whore anywhere
ever again on my property.

Dancing souls and pounding hearts that is what love is all about.

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