Love, Lust, or Something Else

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Chapter 53: Warmness of our souls

Last night while I was

sleeping I could feel
you in my dreams, you
were whispering into my
ear how much that you had
loved me, it felt so real that
my heart once again,
begin to start to beat, I could
hear you breathing right upon
my skin and felt the warm
air as you started to
exhale so before you had
a chance to, I inhaled you
To capture the very essence
of your soul, just before
you had to go, and at that
very moment for just a few
brief minutes, I felt a
movement deep inside
of me as you and I came
back together which felt
like forever from the
warmness of our souls,
as they danced upon the
memories of who and what
we used to be I could hear
the tear drops falling as the
landed upon my cheek
and that is when I realized
that this was more than
just a dream. They held
on tightly to one another
As if they were never
letting go staring unto
each other eyes as if time had
frozen as their tear drops
turned to snow for they knew
that when the dance would
end there was nothing they
Could do so they danced into
forever till it was time for them
to go. Eternity as in always
and forever for souls is not
all that very long as our bodies
are only just carriers for our
words to live on, so if you love
someone write it down and
be sure to let them know
so that you and they may dance
together forever on the ink upon
the pages of all your poems.

Even as their two souls were saying goodbye to one another hearts were breaking as tears began to fall.

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