Love, Lust, or Something Else

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Chapter 54: Rhythm of our passion

When we lay down in

the bed that we made
together tonight you
and I will not have any time
for dreaming since we
already live every day in
them and all through the
night we are making love
to the music of our two
beating hearts holding on
to one another with nothing
on in between us except
our souls dancing to the
rhythm of our passion as
our emotions quiver from
what we deliver to each
other in what I call an explosion
beyond any explanation of
time in which we will have
for forever of love and lust
lost in the minutes between
hours of truth and trust without
the injustice of any mistrust
around us while hope surrounds
with the strength that God
has entrusted us with so that
we may spread his love all

As she sat there thinking about “what could have been” her heart that was broken started to remember the first time that their souls had danced at midnight out in the rain.

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