Love, Lust, or Something Else

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Chapter 55: Trinity

I look around me and I can see

what you have done in all your
wonderful glory to who I was by
taking your hand into mine to
change the man to who is me,
a blind man once who now can
see a man who was lost and
had no place to go, whose best
and only friends were drugs and
alcohol, with a one way ticket
to the fires in hells halls down
below, now I can only shake my
head and look deep into my
heart as my soul says you are
welcome, so I fall down to my
knees look up to His Glory that
is He and I say THANK YOU, I
know in my past I did not and
could never believe in you until
that night that I saw you and now
I am a true believer in you as
you gave me a gift not only of
words of healing for me but to
any and all that read my Poetry as
I am no longer afraid of who I
once was and had become to let
my emotions drip from the blood
of my ink on to pages of the
paper of truth and justice from
love and hate fighting the evils
that we are afraid of that rule
the days and nights of which we
need to fight not as black or white
but by the conscience of what is
right for what we all now see is
nothing more than a mirage of our
moral humanity the color that
should see is the same color that
Is indeed in all of us you see red
in which we have all bled including
our lord our king on a cross to save
us from own sins and immorality
praise God and the Son that his he
Jesus Christ and the Trinity and
Glory be his Name for all eternity.


Even as her poor heart was breaking, his soul started to look the other way.

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