Love, Lust, or Something Else

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Chapter 56: Still missing some pieces

Do you sometimes think

back about some of the
choices you made in your
younger days even last
year, five years or more
when you are sitting all
alone? I am talking about
like who you dated and
maybe had to let go either
because they said goodbye
or maybe you had lost the
love, the ones who stole
your heart away and had
caught your passion on fire
or broke it so bad you are
still missing some pieces
the one you met just by
chance took her home and
your two souls had danced
then woke up to find her
gone, feeling like you lost
the one or maybe a date
that lasted for days maybe
for weeks or months but
then you had to head back
home a summer romance
that ended way to soon, a
one night stand who was
wed or maybe you had
someone and just forgot
your wedding band, or
maybe somebody you
barely knew who just
happened to be around
when you had trouble at
home that was not hard
to find that listened to all
you said who needed you
just as bad she was
someone who was not
a choice yet when around
her you felt the joy. Whose
heart was so broken just
like yours the more you
talked the more you heard
mending hearts while
your souls become
entangled in the shadows
of the whispers from the
flowing tears hearing
each other’s emotions while
sharing one another’s pain
as two lips touched feeling
the thunder causing a
confusion of storm clouds
and lightning overhead
dropping passionate rain
filled with dreams of what
they should do both
knowing the consequences
of what they no longer
could undo hiding from
daylight while eyes looked
on waiting for night to
come as they as the sun
made love to and under
the moon whose memories
remained when the end
came to pass knowing that
the decisions made saved
another’s heart who was
already past the point of
loving another only wanting
to take the seeds that
smother truth and feelings
for any other only using
giving hearts with lies of
love, yet knowing that the
sacrifice of holding one
another together would
never be again. A love
lost but never to be
forgotten thought about
and tucked away in the
memories every day when
sitting alone and thinking
about when you held true
love but had to let it go
but always wondering if
they thought also, what
could have been with a
different choice back when
smiling for your hearts as
the music echoes still deep
down in their souls.

When their two hearts started falling for each other, their souls came together and began to make love.

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