Love, Lust, or Something Else

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Chapter 57: Givers and Takers

God created two groups the

givers and takers, so naturally
a giver will find a taker or
a taker will find a giver because
my friends two takers together
will never be man everyday
world war three and very seldom
do two givers come together
because the takers would just
explode so they kill off the
givers to thin the herd and now
there is war going on
out there between the givers
and takers you the takers
are easy to identify they are
the ones that lie all the time
so that the givers either feel
bad and give or gave up do
not care if it is true or not
they will give always no matter
they the givers are the ones
that are depressed alone
in their deep darkness of sadness
and sorrow always giving yet
can never borrow they are the
ones that give away their last
dollar because the takers say
I will repay it back tomorrow
yet you will not see them again
until they need you to give them
something or another and say
oh I totally forgot about that money
I get paid next week so I will
you then oh yeah can I borrow
twenty I will add that to the other
a perpetual giving never receiving
the ones who will always answer
a takers call always helping and giving
always hoping yet the outcome is
always the same the giver falls
deeper into despair hating their
heart for loving and trusting
always believing and wishing that
this time the takes mean what they
say and actually appreciate what
you do but that is my take because
I AM A GIVER I believe that one day
it will all come back that day because
God is giver and believes that
love and trust should be given free
to everyone the givers say thanks
while takers take what HE has to give
then finds giver and takes more and
more and more givers give takers take
until one day that giver dies not in death
type of dead but that light that shined
in their soul burns out and their heart
is in pain that will never end for when
they gave they thought that the taker
was friend and then when the
giver dies their soul will cry for a
heart that died and the fact that
they just can’t give anymore drained
all they had and more so they fade
away to give no more the taker never
cared they lie remember besides a taker
will always find a giver to lie to steal
from push them down laugh and run
to next one that is what they all live
for to destroy for a taker was never
born with a heart and their soul had died
say forever more they care for only
themselves oh and destroying love..

When she tried to give her heart away to him, his soul just looked away.

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