Love, Lust, or Something Else

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Chapter 58: To my boys, Michael, Bryan, Dakotah Knittle, and Grandson Winter.

I have made more mistakes in my life than

any one man should especially when it came
to woman, drugs, and Alcohol you see I am
addict better than most but not as good as
some which means basically that I am not perfect by any means at all not one man alive
is I did the best that I could under the circumstances mistakes are the building blocks of wisdom so when say stay away from addiction of any kind for the days you pass
on spending time with the ones you love for
a glass of beer or a needle thinking you would have tomorrow to see your kids is nothing more than a lie that comes from that evil,
and out of all of the mistakes I have had fighting for Ryder was not one of them he
was my redemption for a second chance to
show that I can be a real dad, none of you
are dead, injured or in jail you are not
addicts whores or thieves but all
have grown into fine young men despite
of me who is so proud of each and every
one of you I am your biggest fan
so I guess I did pretty good by you boys
I hope whatever you are holding on to
against me does not eat you up from
the inside as it has in me it looks for a way
out for Holding hate in your heart will only
fester Infecting every part of who and What
you are so let it go and set your souls free
I love you all and I always will and I miss
you so very much maybe one day I pray
that we will all forgive and forget so that
we can all sit down at the same table and
break bread have a few beers and once
again be one big happy family who before
I die wants it to be.

Love Dad

Her heart shattered when it found out that her soul fell in love without her.

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