Love, Lust, or Something Else

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Chapter 59: When I Wake Up in The Morning

When I wake up in the morning

I will be walking out of
our door because I cannot
take your lies or
fight your addiction
For you anymore
The Battles that I have fought
For you are ones
that I fight alone
for you gave up and let it
Win without a fight while
I was not even at home
I hope that you are happy
For I can no longer win
You have made your choice
To turn your back on me while
You choose to live in sin
One day you will miss me
But I will no longer care
For I am tired of being alone
While you and your addiction
Are laying right here
Addiction wins another soul
I guess it was the better man
So I will leave you two alone to
Enjoy the time you have until
you both fall to the ground
A battle lost I did fight until
The very end.

Hearts and souls may not always agree but that is why they call it a threesome.

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