Love, Lust, or Something Else

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Chapter 60: Passion never known

The time we shared together

was one that I shall never
forget for when we kissed
that night when I was holding
tight out on that hardwood
floor the very existence of
who I thought I was went
out the door I felt so light
as if our souls took control
and all I wanted next was to
get you home where lightning
struck lighting up the room
while we and the thunder
rolled and that is when my
heart started pounding as the
blood began to flow knowing
how wrong it was but our bodies
had already taken control by
the time the night ended total
chaos from a love that was
not to be known that to this
day burns inside of me like a
raging passion never known
to man fire like now when you
looked into my eyes my body
shook like an earthquake
magnitude unknown wanting
to grab you pull you in and kiss
your lips to see what explodes
then lay you down on the ground
and write a new masterpiece
of poetry called making love.

As the glow of the midnight moon shined down upon them, two souls held each on to other tightly while their hearts were making love.

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