Love, Lust, or Something Else

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Chapter 61: Please Dad Remember(Ryder and The Man)

I know that you are lonely for I have

been there too it seems as if that there
is a million people around us every
single day and yes some may even
say hello while others say goodbye
they will even look you straight in
your eyes with a million mile stare
only saying words with a heart that
doesn’t really care for those that used
to really feel like you were their family
friend or more has been lost to time
and memories like family’s, marriages,
trust, and humanity, which it now seems
has been misplaced or thrown away
even forgotten in old corner kicked
across the floor because son I am sorry
to say that it ain’t that way for man has
taken the devils number one spot now
as we has humans are evil like at no
time ever before from addiction, greed,
and corruption, that now lead the
world that we are now killing off and
not softly or slowly over millions of years
but take a damn good look around you
my boy it seems that almighty glory our
king of kings our glorious God may have
just as well forsaken us and left us to
our own demise he packed up his bags
and left this disaster that we call earth
and us as humans that he created and
favored above his angels and walked
out and slammed the door without one
word... “But dad I do not believe that is
completely all true have you already
forgotten all the stories and who you
are? You saw God all that not long ago,
when you fought a war against the evils
of hate with nothing more but love for
me saving my soul forevermore and
here I am standing right next to you,
we were called Ryder and the Man by
so many people who you gave hope to
oh and by the way remember on my
next birthday against the odds for if
you and God and some angels did not
win the war I may not have ever made it
in this world to see me turn twenty-four
please dad remember twenty years ago
I know time has faded your memories
and you move a little more slow and the
words that flowed through you as ink
in your pen for emotional healing that
was a gift to you from God before he
sent you back home to write your story
as you see it from the beginning until
your very end I know Dad it is in you still
you just need something so that you can remember like you always say Poetry is
not dead for it lives in us all you, just
need to find the key to unlocking it just
as you did it once before and yes
I do agree that this world is a total mess
but you like so many others who are in
fact angels as you would say with all of
your words and what you have to say
have helped so much to so many people,

more than you will ever know, dad this
world still needs Poets and Poetry and
always will to carry on the words of your
ancestors of peace, good will towards men,
equal rights for everyone regardless gender,
religion, or color of a man’s skin, your
gift to be able to listen to your soul one
that so many people who cannot hear
what their heart even eels, I do envy
you I tried to write but was not very
good for God has other plans for me
that are coming very soon God in his
majestic glory our savior, creator and
king has not abandoned us, he has been
building his army from high above and
down below to deal a final crush to hell’s
fires down below he is coming back soon
to light the way out of the darkness and
back to heaven’s gate he will destroy
all anger and the hate he has always been
there Dad since dawn of time it us down
humans who left him giving our hope
and faith away ignoring all his words
he is talking every day open up your
heart believing in him take is love to fill
you full and you again will hear the songs
of his angels singing their songs
waiting with arms wide open for you
to finally come back home.

While two hearts where busy falling in love their souls held on to one another as they watched the rain fall from the clear midnight night sky.

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