Love, Lust, or Something Else

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Chapter 62: Customer service for returns

Well damn, here I am again standing

in line up front in customer service
for returns at a busy Walmart store,
it seems to me that it is every
week now to replace my broken
heart they just don’t make them
In any way like they used too
when you could drop it on the
ground step on it pick it up dust
it off and it still worked lasting
what seemed like forever with
just a few scars and fractures
littered here and about, maybe
this time I should also by me a
spare with as many times mine
gets broke so the next time it
gets broken and I am down on
my hands and knees searching for
the missing pieces with tears
falling down my like rain then
maybe I won’t go as crazy or
possibly quite insane for I will
not need to wait quite as long,
hurting from all the pain in the
time it took to heal while watching
another one of my true loves
being flushed down the drain,
maybe one day I pray that I
really will find a love that will
always stay but for now I will
keep with the extended insurance
So I won’t go broke paying for a
broken heart.

As the light from the stars fell down upon them like a rain from a midnight storm, two souls came together causing thunder to pound and lightning to flash while they found their way back home.

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