Love, Lust, or Something Else

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Chapter 65: Fight Fight

Take this chance now

and run away just as far as
you can from me for my
demons are hungry and
it is you who they now
see they are looking to
infect you as I am not
enough run as fast as
you can for you are not
tough enough just try to
remember no matter
where you may go addiction
will find you this I know the
harder you fight the faster
they come no place to
hide and nowhere to run
Fight Fight no matter what
they may say addiction
is here and the demons
will never go away
Fight Fight as hard as
you can the evil is coming
you must make a stand
not for me for I have
already fallen long ago
I fell my life now is
nothing but a living hell
so please Fight Fight
everywhere that you can
see for you have not yet
been affected and you
must never be the demons
will keep looking as they
will never stop so keep on
running do not ever
get caught when they do
come knocking do not
answer the door addiction
is not your friend and
they never were so keep
Fighting as long as you
can for one day you will
stop running one day you
will understand one
day there will be no more
Fighting for one day you
will make a stand.

Sweetheart, last night you wore me out while we were making love, so this morning let us lay back and let our souls take over for a while.

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