Love, Lust, or Something Else

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Chapter 66: Date story

Why is it always the nice guy

finishes last you meet on the
street and say wow. Would you
like to go out? Great here is
my number and call let’s make
plans she calls and says how is
tomorrow I say great would
you like me to pick you up oh
wait I did hahaha, I mean can
I come and get you or meet me
somewhere. Okay see you there.
Take a shower just in case besides
have you smelled me lately it
has been a while lol write a poem
then erase it about one hundred and eight times then you stop and get
some flowers is that not how it still is?
It was how I remembered then
you I get there my nerves all shot
holy crap I forgot how to date I
am late but she is later accompanied
by a friend sorry but nowadays
You just don’t know... that’s okay
threesomes are my favorite thing I
say oops foot in mouth so hand her
flowers take her hand open door
walk her in sit down and talk a
while her friend say wow love your
style then I say I wrote a poem just
for you something small you know
I have written just a few, recite it
off went so well a fan jumped up I
knew that was I was in hugs and
laughs and autographs with my
date in awe her friend looks me
up and just went wow well is she
won’t date I just might and threesomes
are out a sight and Poetry you are
it I bet you could get me to bed
with it her hay what hell I am
thinking great chick fight clothes
go flying and Boobies hahaha add
some mud or baby oil and we got
some fun. She says well he is great
but what’s the catch nobody on earth
is perfect like that I said with a grin. Predictable not perfect I have a mind
of twelve so Boobies are fun and I
giggle because they wiggle especially
when they jiggle I have a clinical
depression so I may not smile so
naked and sex do help out or a big
hickey works it out I will give you
what I can and more cooking cleaning
and so much more but please like I
told the other four wives give back
give out give in once in a while let me
know that I am appreciated not just depreciated I like to say I give ninety
percent at least give ten and we are
good. Anymore I would not know
how to act. Oh, and cheating be
honest with me. That’s all. Hell,
threesomes remember. And that my
friends, was that. Oh, yeah, my date
went back to her ex-boyfriend I guess
She likes being treated like shit.
But she does have
fantastic tits. Her friend well she
is a freak like me and every once
in a while, she calls. And it is
usually Poetry and alcohol because
it makes her clothes fall off and
then don’t kiss don’t tell.

When a soul finds another, neither will be lonely anymore.

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