Love, Lust, or Something Else

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Chapter 68: Never Really Ours

Why is it that we always

want what is was never
really ours? Wanting to
be loved by a Heart that is
never really yours,
Needing to be held by
Someone who is held by
Someone else’s arms,
Wanting to wake up to a face
That does not see you
In the first place.
They say that the grass is
Always greener at least
It is in our minds and that
we are never really happy
With who it is that we find
Wanting so damn bad to
Be with the one that always
Made you sad.
The ones that lie to us and
only tells us what we think
That we want to hear
knowing that they have
Another while we shed a
Tear and then coming home
To find that they were
Never really there.
They say that time will
Heal all our open wounds
But time takes way to
Long and my broken heart
Hurts so bad I hope it heals
real soon maybe one day
I will actually find the one
who will put a smile on face
then take my hand walk me
out of the darkness and back
into the sun The one who
Heals my broken heart the
One who I should have been
With from the very start.

The real true beauty of humanity, is a newborn baby who is born of what true innocence and love really are.

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