Love, Lust, or Something Else

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Chapter 7: Freedom

Freedom is a word that we all

use here in the United States
of America to describe our

core values in this land but
if you stop and think about
that for a moment freedom
is never really free for any
race of man.

The cost of freedom that we
of is so revered that we fight
for it in its name but how are
you free in a country where
everyone is not treated all the


With thousands of laws that
are unfair to everyone and
our own civil rights so lame we
have a political nightmare that
we are supposed to vote on

for Democrats or Republicans

whose politicians are all in it
only like it is just a Facebook


How free are you to go find a

job when quotas are the norm
it should not matter what color

you are if you can do the job
all the same, so take away all

the quotas and make it fair for
all Americans so only the best

will remain.

Who cares if you are gay or if

You are straight because
when it comes to love does
not even care I mean when
two people no matter what

gender they are fall in love
it should be happy everywhere

This country the one that I
love was built on the blood
of every race and color of
man so try to remember the

blood that we all bleed and
the sweat that we drop is the

same so together we as one
nation indivisible we must all
make a stand

How is freedom really free

when it cost us every day?

While we have a government

who controls what you can

do and where we can go with
all the millions of stupid laws

that we are all to obey?

They say that slavery has been

over and that every American

is now free but please remember
how much tax we pay and with

what we take home on our
paychecks from our jobs it is
like we work for free sounds
like slavery to me.

Our jails are full of people who

are just trying to make it

through as our government

is more concerned on arresting
and jailing you on the drugs
they have created because helping
us makes them no money and
they want it for all of their made
up wars and more control.

How is it really free with how
much it cost just to live and our
veterans our heroes are now

living out on the streets, some
with PTSD and other mental
diseases, they or we risked

our lives all in freedoms name
yet their freedom is not free

They tax you when you eat

and just to go sleep to go to
work and to drive I mean they
tax us from the day that we
are born and even tax us all

when you die.

So, you see freedom is never

free no matter who or even

where you are for the only

true freedom that we all

have lives in our minds, souls

and hearts.

What her soul thought was thunder was actually the sound of his breaking heart.

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