Love, Lust, or Something Else

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Chapter 9: If you truly love

If you do truly love someone

then you will love them
enough to let them go and
let them fly away for
no matter what the reason
may be if you do not
that love that you hold
will end as it slowly fades
See the thing is that you all
must try to understand is
that sometimes love is just
not quite enough to keep two
people together and although
they might be still in love
with each other they cannot
see eye to eye anymore so
they split up and move on to
save what is still left of
that love that is still in their
hearts to keep forever and
a day.
Love is such a very difficult
emotion since there are so
many different kinds of love,
you have the love of mother
who loves her daughter
and her newborn baby son,
the love of a child who will
love just about anyone and
The love of your pet that
you have raised since it was
only a baby kitten or a puppy
and the love they return an
unconditional one,
Then you have all of those people
like me who love the boys of
summer you know baseball,
hotdogs, fresh cut grass on a
Sunday afternoon with all of your
daughters and sons watching the
Los Angeles Dodgers win,
Then you have the absolute
best kind of love and that my
friends would be my kind of
love, the kind that never
fades away, the kind that
exist in every single happy
ending of every fairy tale that
has been wished upon every
shooting star and even wishing
wells, the kind of love that
will last forever until all of
the sands of time run dry. the one
that hurts of broken hearts and
many shattered souls that if
you are not careful will go out
like a candle burning in the
wind which unlike hate that
comes so easy to feel takes time,
patience, and understanding
with lots of work to keep love

Sitting on the front porch watching God paint the sky as the clouds roll by on a beautiful summers day, writing down my thoughts, with a soul whispering to me nonstop, as my heart is pumping the ink spilling out on the paper of what I want to say.

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