Here's to Odd Dreams and Petty Things

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There are over 200 poems in this collection. I started writing these when I was very young. Here's to odd dreams and petty things you never wish to miss, to whatever struggles life brings, all I know is this. I search for you and feel you there, but invisible you shall be. Deigned for one, just to care, and for who, that is me.

Poetry / Fantasy
Cati Branton
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A Girl's Heart

A Bad Day

The *crimson* blood dripped down upon her dress.

The knife she used was to her obsess.

She sat upon the *grave* she knew.

The *memorial* event happened too soon.

She held the roses in her hands, the *flowers* thorns adding more on the sands.

With a *tear* strung face she kissed the stone.

A *picture* of him, setting more sadness to her tone.

She also held papers, her words written down.

The *poetry* she wrote, was thrown to the ground.

As she bowed over herself, crying blood stained tears.

The rain started to fall, over the worst of her fears.

She bled onto his grave, sobbing into the rain.

Until the rain subdued, and what she saw was insane.

How could a *rainbow* show up on this horrible day?

She then blacked out, on that grave is where she’ll always stay.

A Black World

How do you describe colors to someone blind?

Is it something they’re looking for, or is it somewhere they will find?

How do you tell them they’re special in a phenomenal way?

When their lives are critical, and their eyes filled with grey.

I don’t know someone blind, but if I did, I would be the one self-deceiving.

Amazing that they think far more than we do, and that’s the world of interweaving.


She leans her head against the window.

The bus moves steadily on.

She sees things fly by, and even a baby fawn.

The bus suddenly is hit by a car!

It’s a HUGE crash!

Her head slams into the window, creating a badly bleeding gash!

The bus is on it’s side, and she hears people shout.

But above the yelling, a person is trying to talk to her with no doubts.

She sees the blurred figure, who she remembers.

Her ex-boyfriend screaming for her. But she blacks out and can hardly hear him.

But now everything is just a blur.

She lays still with her ex crying.

There’s nothing to do but hold her, so her ex does while she’s dying.

She hears his last words of his love for her and this was his fear he didn’t want to seek.

To be enemies when she died, and the last emotion she showed, was when she died with a tear rolling down her cheek!

A Cold Day in a Graveyard

It was cold, snow falling all around.

In a cemetery, a girl sat on the ground.

A cloak, she wore, guarded her from season.

She loved the cemetery for her own reason.

Her arms around her knees, back against the stone.

She loved this place, and loved to call it her own.

Her hair hung to protect her face as she peered about.

This place guarded her from every one of her fears, so she wouldn’t have to pout.

A Day for You?

What is this, this day for you?

That brings back memories, fresh and new.

Everyone rejoices, while I stay sad because not once did I think of you, Dad.

Your name brings shudders and shivers alike, fear stabbing me like a sharpened spike.

Who were you to be so mad, and harm my soul unforgivably, Dad?

The love was dead, just for me because of your fears of who I’d be.

Your faith and chances were very bad but I’m finally letting go, Dad.

My pains and problems were caused by you, and you never received what I thought due.

But you are gone, and I am had because I never really acquired a Dad.

A Girl’s Heart

Her love for him, passionate beyond words.

Not like any other, but flies like birds.

She can’t express her love for him.

But neither can she wait for that love to begin.

I don’t know the girl, but I know her pain.

The guy is an ass, but she tries again.

Do what your heart yearns, do what it tells you to do.

Make the guy fall in love, with the real you.

A Girl With No Name

A lonely girl lived long ago.

She lived through seasons, but there was one thing she did not know.

No one knew her very well.

People feared her, as if she’d put them under a spell.

No one called her by a certain name, until she would no longer be called and never came.

A Kiss

He holds her gently, she trusts him.

He grabs her neck, it soothes his every whim.

He plants kisses down her cheek, she reaches back and holds his head.

‘Your my one and only,’ he lightly said.

She looks back at his deep blue eyes, and sees his wants, his needs, his cries.

She kisses him like she had before, but this time, they both felt more love than ever adored.


After one sip, you seem to want another.

You’d fight afterward, even your own brother.

The taste is phenomenal, velvet and smooth.

Until one day you perish, thanks to that booze.

All Alone

She looked at the presents, all wrapped in their bows.

She stared in the fire, her eyes all aglow.

She decorated the tree all by herself.

And hung the stockings on the shelf.

She lived her life all alone, as if her spirit were a block of stone.

She doesn’t know what lies ahead.

But her past, she knew, is filled with days of DREAD!

All Around

When I look around, I see that they’re all around.

With their own voices, looks, and sounds.

They’re all so different, in color and in looks.

Some may love sports, science, or even books.

But what I see are people, maybe different from me.

Look around yourself, what do you see?

A Love Like No Other

There once was a half-demon, who was cursed onto a tree.

Until a girl came along, and eagerly set him free.

They hated each other, and she wanted to go home to her mother.

But the girl broke the Shikon Jewel, and they were forced t find the pieces together.

The girl named Kagome, could spot the jewel shards, as the half breed, Inuyasha, was her personal body guard.

They met some enemies, and thankfully some friends.

Let me tell you, it seems like their story never ends!

They met a perverted Monk, Miroku's name.

He loved to rub women’s butts, to him - all the same.

Sango the demon slayer came next, but not without fight.

She tried killing Inuyasha, but found it wasn’t right.

Inuyasha wasn’t her enemy, but she didn’t have a clue who.

It was a man who sold his soul to the demons, and enslaved her brother Kohaku.

Finally came Shippo, a fox demon of some sorts.

He had his own magic, and thought of them as a sport.

He now looks to Kagome, as a mothering guide,

Miroku and Sango like each other, but they show not there love but in each other to confide.

Inuyasha still loves a woman, she goes by the name of Kikyo.

She is a priestess with more powers of a Miko.

Inuyasha hasn’t forgotten, about the moments he strays to think about Kagome, and he always remember that Kikyo will return to hell, again someday.

Kagome in return loves Inuyasha all the same, but of course there’s another, and he’s not that tame.

He is Kouga the wolf demon, whose tribe was murdered.

He thought Inuyasha the culprit, because Naraku had made it look that absurd.

Kouga likes Kagome, and now Inuyasha too!

Inuyasha is rude to Kagome, what is she to do?

She has more feelings for Kouga, who always is ready and willing, and yet she loves the stubborn one most, who quite enjoys killing.

Inuyasha wanted to become full demon, but then he would kill his friends, but when he met Kagome, that dream came to an end.

He vowed to stay half-demon for her, just for a matter of time.

But what is to come, is a love so sublime.

There is a lot of drama in the world of Inuyasha, but the main love is between a demon who is not like his brother(or so he thinks), but falls in love with a human just like his deceased father.

Kagome and Inuyasha have love for another, and the love that they have, is definitely like no other.

Among the Flames

Dance with me among the flames and wish for life to begin for it is my birthday and you are near so it is you I wish to win.

As the lights go out and smoke adheres to the laughter and clapping of hands, the lights are turned on and a smile will submerge for happiness are their demands.

There is no year that goes by that the wish will come true, but every year it appears on a whim. Sing the song as everyone does and you might just get to meet him.

It all seems trivial and old, as traditions do, but every year is the same. I am faced with one wish on my birthday and it is just to know one name.

A Letter to You

One day while cleaning, I found something new, an envelope signed, “A Letter to You”

I opened it up, and low and behold, a treasure to my eyes, and no it wasn’t gold.

A necklace I knew, a familiar scent it had. Not exactly a happy memory, but it wasn't all that bad.

My grandmothers hands, that held me so dear, Worth this letter to me, only in fear.

She didn’t fear death, just losing family, so she wrote this letter, and gave the necklace to me.

Now everyday I wear it, cherishing it’s every glow. Until I grow old, and pass it to and fro.

But for now I will keep it, acting like there’s nothing more important, but to walk around gracefully, with my grandmother’s special glint.

A Long, Slow Goodbye

He came into my life, unexpected and rare.

When I was with him, to be called anything, I did not care.

He was my one, my only true blue!

But his parents said he was to leave, and we didn’t know what on earth to do!

We spent the whole day, together knowing that we’re here.

To leave me and to be in a different state, was his biggest fear.

He had to move the next day, as if his love was a lie,

but then the last moment together was a long and slow goodbye.

I cried tears, he held me as long as he could.

He said he’d keep in touch, but that lie was bigger from where he stood.

His parents pulled him away, to drive far like a dove.

He peered out the car window, and said,


He left that day, me still not knowing why, why his words made it worse, that long, sad, slow goodbye!

An End to the Beginning

There may be an end, an end to the beginning.

There may be a time, where your head is just spinning.

You live life on, as if you wanted to find, find that special someone, searching as if you’re blind.

There may be an end, an end to the beginning.

There may be a day, when you think about quitting.

You trudge on roughly, not knowing why.

You find your own path, trying to learn to fly.

There may be an end, an end to the beginning.

There may be a time, where your head is just spinning.

You live life on, as if you wanted to find, find that special someone, searching as if you’re blind.

There may be an end, an end to the beginning.

But in the beginning there will be an end, an end that needs your mending.


Come to me, oh knight or peasant alike

for I know you in my thoughts and dreams.

I have wished for you every day of birth,

so prove that nothing is as it seems.

I’ve missed, lost, loved, and more,

though nothing can compare

to the pain, cries, and what’s before

of what I’ve had to bare.

I’ve traveled a little, loved a few,

and yet I don’t feel whole.

I’m missing something although I’m new,

though fate hasn’t taken control.

I love a place, an animal, a thing,

and even myself at times,

but what, in the end, will chance bring

out of all my witty rhymes?

For what I have lost, I have cried and missed,

but now it is all in the past.

For the pain and the love, they merely coexist,

but I’m happy to have surpassed.

Thank you all for reading my lines

and for living life as you are,

because you are all important, no matter what defines

you, whether it be a rock or a star.

A New Day’s Dawning

We talk on the phone, he’s not normal but cute.

He has to get off, his voice now on mute.

I adore him, no matter what he does.

He might run into walls, but I love him because.

I’m drowned in work, about to fall asleep.

My head hits the desk, I didn’t even have to count sheep.

I dream of him, and how he’s so nice.

He hugs me in the dream, TWICE!

I wake up to my mother calling, a new day’s dawn.

It’s time for school, I race across the dew stricken lawn.

I pause for a second, the colors in the sky.

Crimson, blue, purple, green, and I feel as if I could fly.

Answers of Love

Can love conquer all?

Can love break a fall?

Can love stop a death?

Can love take a breath?

I don’t know these answers, but I'd like to know.

Why does love fight, like a blizzard of snow?

Can love create inhuman?

Can love taste a woman?

Can love fight like swords?

Those death defying words!

I want to know, as bad as you.

We wish it's as simple, as the sky is blue.

But what’s funny is we have to figure it all out on our own.

Either to live life longer, or lie beneath this earth as bone.

Can love count as quest?

Or be falling for your guest?

Can love submerge under one week?

What if a person kisses your cheek?

I don’t know, can love conquer all?

It’s a question like: Can Spring become Fall?

I don’t know the answers, I haven’t got a clue.

But those answers might come one day, at least, it might, to you.

A Poem By My Friend

A world set aflame by pain and affliction, as waves of false redemption echo through our lives, and the last blood raven falls from the sky.

These are my dreams of late, and thus they will be our fate.

A Rose on My Pillow

I am an outcast, but I too fall in love.

I may not seem too pretty, when push comes to shove.

But I love a guy who’s charming but unreal.

I’m but invisible to him, and he doesn’t know how I feel.

Well, it’s Valentine’s Day and I don’t know why, but every time I pass him in the hall I wish to run and cry.

I walk home with a friend, she laughs but I just walk ahead.

She shrugs at my blankness, and goes home instead.

I walk to my room once I step inside.

I click on the radio, for music to confide.

But when I turn around, it’s amazing what I see.

A rose is on my pillow, with a note just for me.

I know you don’t know me, but I’ve always known you.

My heart told me something today, and that’s when I knew.

Catherine, I wish to be yours, to hold you in my arms.

To whisper in your ear my stupid but funny charms.

Please give me a chance, like this rose on your pillow.

If you say yes, then look outside your window.

I did as it told me, and there he stood.

The man I had fallen for, I had misunderstood.

I went downstairs, running out the door.

He caught me in his arms, like a dream I’ve had before.

But this was real, and it brought much bliss,

when the rose left on my pillow, finally won me my kiss.

A Simple Love Story

I can hear his voice, hovering over the rest.

I want to be his, the one he loves the best.

He smiles at me, but walks right by, hugging a girl, as I run out and cry.

Why can’t he love me? Aren’t I good enough?

I walk into my friend, who looks nicer than she is tough.

She asks if I’m okay, I tell her I’m fine.

She walks me out to recess, her looking exactly divine.

Once school is over, my embarrassment elapsed.

I go home to cool off, and on the couch I collapsed.

I go to my room later, to do my homework my best.

I worry, for tomorrow, we’re having a huge test!

Outside I hear a noise, something hitting my window.

I open it, and it’s him below.

It’s the guy I like, he’s smiling at me.

I’m sure this is my house, how can this be?

He climbs up the side, to hand me a rose.

He tells me he’s liked me for a while now, and makes me feel like I’m on my toes.

He kisses me softly, then said goodnight.

I was surprised so much, he stood in a spotlight.

He walked home, as I got in bed.

I couldn’t help it, but he himself, was in my head.

So I go to bed, dreaming of my guy.

The thoughts of him drifting me into the sky.

A Smile Has Memories

You think of smiling as just an emotion, that laughing just follows along.

Your friends crowd around, telling jokes of all kinds, and the biggest smile is when they sing that crazy song.

A smile happens in a flash but it’s memory can last a lifetime, you’re sure to remember it well.

Like when your grandma buys you flowers, and her love is great, you can tell.

A smile is just a smile, or is that so?

When your boyfriend hands you a gift, standing in a field of snow.

A smile happens in a flash, but it’s memory can last a lifetime.

Like when you smile when the person beside you is an incredibly sensible mime.

I know a smile the moment it breaks loose.

Like when my boyfriends mother laughed, when he was chased by a goose.

A smile happens in a flash, but it’s memory can last a lifetime.

Like when I will dance with my love, for the very first time.

A smile from any, is like a gift to me.

I hold on to that memory, and in my mind it will be.

A smile happens in a flash, but it’s memory can last a lifetime.

You’ll remember my words, for the smile I made will last through time.

Angel Among Men

My name is Armisael, the watcher of the womb.

I govern that which gives life birth and protects all from doom.

You may call me Laylah, I oversee all birth.

I protect all from harm upon our fruitful earth.

You may call me Cati, for that is my human name.

But I feel like an angel who plays the children game.

I yearn to birth my own and watch them tell a tale, for my name is Laylah, or sometimes Armisael.

A Storm’s War

A world of war, thunder blasting through the skies, for a girl to watch the sun set, and for earth to listen to her cries.

Her sorrow may fly away, but her soul won’t budge, so don’t think her odd, for who are you to judge?

The girl sat out, many colors all around, for war to end forever, and for peace to finally sound.

Her heart wanted freedom, but her brain told the truth. She would not meet such a fate, no longer in her youth.

Her screams were heard by many, as she looked to the skies. She ended the war herself, for her heart’s empty demise.

A Tale Unknown

On a journey, enemies always behind, lurking through the dark, trying so hard to be kind.

Put under a spell, searching for the one, knowing there’s no end and that secrets way a ton.

Feeling like a maid, looking for my soulmate, fighting against allies, everyone knows my fate.

Knowing death is to come, always causing strife.

Are there such worlds like in books?

Or is this all real life?

August 28

Time freezes, all fails.

Nothing left to live, a world of no more tales.

The galaxy crashes, everything is gone.

No more hope of tomorrow, nor of Earth’s one last dawn.


I starve, I wait, it’s way too late.

I cry, I scream, it’s just a dream.

I’m sick, I’m hurt, too weak to flirt.

I run and stay, I’m far away.

I’m hot I’m cold, that’s what I’m told.

I’m tired and old, my life’s been sold.

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