Here's to Odd Dreams and Petty Things

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Just One Drink

Just a Dream

Held in strong arms, sweet whispers in my ears, smiling at just the idea, it will now only allow tears.

Safely hidden from the world, a lover to guide my heart, for great dreams not just to sadden, it would barely be the start.

I call out a name, none return my plea, to live life unanswered, what shall become of me?

A knight in shining armor, to kiss by the stream, to awaken the next morning and to find it was just a dream.

Or was it...?

Just in Case

Let’s give them what they want to hear, let’s show them what to see.

Let’s be what they wish to steer instead of individuality.

The colors swirl and the visions fade, though not much is found in the end.

Be careful, watch out, be not afraid, and after all it will finally amend.

The questions you have are here and there, but you never may know why.

What’s the answer, as if they care, to know the reason to cry?

Stop arguing and listen to what is said because not much can be taken away.

Be cautious and wary of what’s ahead just in case you intended to stay.

The watchers will lead and the guardians guide, while in the end you are lost and alone.

Fear not, dream more, just enjoy the ride, for life is merely a loan.

Just One Drink

Drink with me and you shall see, it is our unrelenting journey towards the prophecy.

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