Here's to Odd Dreams and Petty Things

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Last Breath

You live life, you see things die. You can’t give up, no matter how hard you try.

Others want to live, but they’re friends with death. If you were them, you’d be scared on your last breath.

Life and Death

It’s amazing how easily it comes. Sadness, worry, what you think. Just one sip, one thing that drives you crazy, could drive you to drink.

You cry, you laugh, you smile, you frown. Maybe one day you’re happy, but the next you could drown.

The water surrounds you, air escaping your grasp. Try to survive, until that one last gasp.

Like Rain on a Rose

Like rain on a rose, that blossoms in the spring. If it is a sign, what would it bring?

The voice of an elder, singing with the breeze. The wind blowing outside, almost howling past the trees.

The rain drips, down the stem and through the thorns. A new baby cries, wailing to people, it warns.

The drop of water hits the ground, soaking the earth with it’s recreation. To bring the world help, to show dreamers admiration.

But another drop hits on the very same rose. And later someone will test the flower by their nose.

Will the water drop, will the wind howl? Will the elders dance, or will the baby scowl?

Nothing’s for certain, don’t take it for granted, because your life may suddenly change, like a dream that's enchanted.

Lonely as a Wolf

My loneliness is of my own, my time is of the essence. I am as lonely as a dog chewed bone, and I have no acquiescence.

I can’t stand it, being alone all the time. I can’t ever be fit, or up to my prime.

My loneliness is like wolves, I’m howling to the moon. My heart can’t ever be full, and an acquaintance won’t come soon.

Why do wolves howl to the sky? Why do they think more than we humans do? Why does my life hardly trudge by? Why can’t I be happy, maybe like you?

I can’t stand it anymore, the life of me is transparent. I will walk out this door, and I will no longer be apparent.

No more howling to the moon, no more crying in pain. No more sleeping in the afternoon, I’ll just die once again.

I look to the sky for answers that will not come. My life is withering by, and the life I knew is numb.


She looks around, and sees nothing. The fog lets up and finally sees something.

The man she knew and dreamed all about, was lying on the floor, dead and stout.

She ran to him, tears running low. She had been lost and didn’t quite know.

How did this happen? What did this to him? Is something after her? What would happen to her and him?

Lost and Afraid

My words and rhymes drive my soul, though fulfillment is often lost.

My dreams and fantasies take their toll, never knowing their true cost.

I’m lost and afraid, lonely and unsure, scared for the future to come.

I’m rude and trifling, mostly insecure, but I don’t know whence it’s from.

Save me, love me, make me whole so I can be free. I’m stuck and frightened, alone to the core, and I’ve lost who I’m meant to be.

Lost Soul

My head explodes while thoughts unfold, I’m scared of the future to come.

My feelings like stories, fortunes untold, but my destiny is smaller than some.

My dreams re-occur, detailed but frightening, like a nightmare that may come true.

I sit by my window and watch the lightning, just waiting for the day I meet you.

My life is revealing its worth to me, like a puzzle that’s hard to solve.

My heart against its place to be, as my memories begin to dissolve.

Everyone forgets me, I’m imagined in their dreams, but I can never be set free.

For no matter the nightmare that causes their screams, I only exist in memory...

You come along, stranger to war, but your dreams are slowly fading.

You talk to me, craving more, and that’s when I begin the hating.

You scream out my name, destiny calling, but I can no longer call yours.

Your dreams end, myself merely falling, until there were two large doors.

“Is this the end, I need you so!” I call out for anyone to hear.

“Don’t forget me, I’ll always know!” I hear him yelling near.

The doors open wide, cascading light, but fading onto him I love most.

He runs up to me, holding me tight, proving I’m no longer memory’s ghost!

Come to find out I faded for fate, I, destiny couldn’t control.

Thinking forever that it was too late, me, merely being a lost soul.

But how is it possible, how did he save me, what happened that is not in our view?

I asked him this, my husband to be, and he only answered, “I just knew...”


Come hold me in your arms, I can’t stay for too long.

Touch me, hug me, kiss me, love me.

I want you now, just me you see.

I can’t hardly breath, I’m scared of what’s soon to come.

I’m dying, and we can’t go home.

Love Among Loves

A love among loves, strangers at the thought. A young man troubled, and a lady distraught.

Their meeting so gentle, she ran through the park. She stumbled to the ground, hitting hard in the dark.

Along came the man, his stubbornness alive. He walked right on past her, her crying but to strive.

She yelled at his pity, he paused at her screams. The moonlight shone tears, her face drowned in streams.

He turned for her attention, she leaped up to him, and that’s when they knew their love was soon to begin.

His arms to always hold her pain and her sorrow, of hopes and dreams to see her face tomorrow.

A love among loves, strangers, but only in thought, for one night to bring what lovers once sought.

Love in My Hand

I feel his skin, his hand in mine. My heart thumping but I end up fine.

I wish to kiss this unforgettable man who right now is my biggest fan.

I can’t describe to you my love for him. Just picture my love all around and in it I could swim.

I don’t know what to do of how to kiss him for the first time. Should I wait for him or just flip a dime?

I can’t stand it this uncontrollable lust that yearns my lips to his and to think of it, I might just.

This man of mine I’ve written of a lot. I just wanted everyone to know of who puts my heart in a knot.

Love is Patient, Love is Kind

“Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast,” but love for me, I cannot find, not among the jam or toast.

“It is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking,” It is definitely not loud or prude, but merely silently sneaking.

“It is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.” but easily tangled and, if trusted, always belongs.

“Love does not delight in evil, but rejoices with the truth.” Mine is just medieval and has been wasted in my youth.

“It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.” For me, always objects, always rusts, always copes, and invisible, it is just a tale.

But this quote is my heart and my hope, and for that, I will prevail.

Love of a Couple

Can you feel his presence? I can.

I can’t live without him, that special man.

It started a long time ago, when we were little.

I hear his laugh, like the sweet sound of a fiddle.

I know it sounds crazy, but I’m head over heels.

I dream of him every day, with me skipping in fields.

His smile he gives, his jokes he shares.

His touch I feel, every moment he cares.

I want all to know him, of his humor and that he’s crazy.

That this guy I love, has also fallen in love with me.

I know it sounds nuts, but it’s how I feel.

To know this guy loves me, and that it’s all so real.

Remember my name, and his name for me.

We are the couple, that I dream are meant to be.

Love Me...

Softly, ever so softly, he echoed through my mind. Gently and all but lovingly, his words would always bind.

“Love me gently, my dear, and I will live just for you.” So he kissed me ever so faintly, like a fire can burn clear-blue.

Gradually... quietly... Softly…

Love’s Risk

I might not know, what love’s all about. But I won’t sit around all day, just to pout.

I experience love, and take the risk of being torn apart. But the best thing is when you feel a great sensation in your heart.

I will not live life alone, but I sure could make it that way. But I would rather die in someone’s arms, for the rest of my life, so I could be with him and stay.

You make your own choice, to live life alone, or with someone you care for. I will feel my heart jump, and I’ll be impatient for what’s in store.

Love’s Way

The waves are rocky, the stone is cold. The lands we walk on, are more than old.

The thought of the sea, and how the waves caress you. You wish a person could do the same, and you’d know just what to do.

Love is like shade on a hot summer day. Of how a mother cat will frighten even the largest dog away.

Of how water follows, your every curve, and of how each road has it’s own swerve.

Love is complicated, but I’m too young to know. But isn’t love like a child’s wish for each winter’s first snow?

A colorful fall may bring gusty winds, but love can withstand that, over all the sins.

Love someone, dream of them every night. Like how stars shine, on a velvet flight.

Love to Be Loved

I hope you understand, my life isn’t that easy. I have not loved for a long time, my pick-up lines are very cheesy.

I loved to be loved, to be held in someone’s arms. To feel myself upon that person, to be on the same terms.

I love to be loved, to be cared for by someone close. To feel as if I were the only girl alive, when he would hand me a rose.

I love to be loved, to peer into his eyes. To feel him caress my cheek, his soft hand feeling as if he flies.

I loved to be loved, for those silky smooth lips. To be kissed slowly, and to be touched on the hips.

The feeling of being loved, is like no other. The hope to see him tomorrow, and that we will stay together.

Loving Feeling

Upon a balcony, hair blowing in the wind. My face stinging with the coldness, driving my head to spin.

I stroke my stomach, it was aching all day. A feeling of peace, is suddenly at bay.

A man I love, walks close by me. He places his arms where they’re meant to be.

His hands on my stomach, asking, “How was she today?” I feel his breath down my neck, and I want time to officially stay.

The feeling of life,stirs within me. He feels the excitement, brought from I and he.

His cheek upon mine, soft as ever. I watch as the leaves, fall ever so clever.

His hands stroke my stomach, what’s in me is his. I feel his love for me, in that everlasting kiss.

The moon so full, the sky shining bright. His eyes glowing, like the shooting stars this very night.

A baby lurks, in my overgrowing largeness. But the feel of him there with me, brings my woeful day such bliss.

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