Here's to Odd Dreams and Petty Things

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Memories of Summer


Not spring or fall, but a long hot game of volleyball.


A day on the sand, when you walk with your lover hand in hand.


The sun’s rays on your skin, letting you know that fun will begin.


It’s a sensational feeling, burning your skin and causing you peeling.


It’s what you like, to swim in pools and to ride on a bike.


It’s hot with shade, with summer loves and curfews to disobey.


It’s a time for fun! Just swim in the beach, or bathe in the sun!


It’s dark and cool. I love the stars, but I’m not a fool.

Technology changes it, but we want it to stay. The thought that it’s there, and that’s it’s so far away.

The moon shines, it’s full and round. We look at it lying on the ground.

Soon is dawn, night will fade. Even if that does happen, I’ll still think of night when I hop into the shade.


I’m nice when I wear a certain jewel, but if I don’t, I’m not very cool.

I turn into a panther demon, all shiny and black. So don’t turn your back, or I’ll attack!

I’ll pounce on you with the greatest of ease, I’ll rip and tear even if you beg me please.

I cause misery where’er I go, forget not my warnings and you’ll always know!

Moonlit Lake

A full moon shone on the water, a light breeze blew through the trees. A couple danced in the moonlight with laughter, as if fireflies were to give them magical keys.

The starry sky lit like it was day, no, a little different from that. The couple sat, watching the water sway, and looked to the sky on the bank they sat.

“An enchanted night such as this, shouldn’t be wasted on anyone but you.” The boy had spoken before their kiss, but there was little the girl could do.

The passionate kiss, like the scenery itself, graceful, but provocative together. The moon to the water, its stars as its shelf, their love would soar off like a feather.

Now the lake lived on, but the love did not, the breeze didn’t blow when it should, until one day when it wasn’t too hot, there at the lake the couple then stood.

Fate brought the meeting, the moon and the lake, the man and the woman now. But what of the love, for the thought to break, for that unforgettable bow.

The love came back with one longing kiss, the lovers in arms once more. The breeze flew all around them, each night dreaming of this, and off to the heavens their souls took off the floor.

The lake streamed, thriving on, the breeze soft like the moonlit sky, and up above their hearts did run, through the stars they flew by.


I sing and dance to certain tunes, notes of whole, half, and quarter.

There is a melody, it makes me wonder.

The drift of song flows like breeze in the spring. It encourages me so much, I start to sing.

I add a little to this enjoyable song, until the melody ends, it seemed as if it lasted for so long.

I want to hear that tune again, but the next time I sing, there’s more added by my friend.

My Feelings

Sometimes I feel that I’m just not here. No one notices me, it’s like I’m clear.

I’m nice to everyone, sometimes or another. I’m even told I’m nice to my mother.

I watch my life fly by. Sometimes I have fun. The thing I hate the most is the sun.

My friends are nice, my family care. My life is okay, and sometimes fair.

My Friend Caitlin

She’s there when I need her, she’s away when I don’t. She hums a lot, when we talk on the phone.

I know she’s a friend, and I want her by my side forever. She’s funny, terrific, wise, and wouldn’t ever betray me, never.

Stay with me Caitlin, be my friend forever more. We can talk about secrets right down to our very cores.

You are a great friend, and I hope I am as good as I assume. Let me stop writing this poem, so we can go look at a picture of Orlando Bloom.

My Future

He hurt me so bad, but for some reason, I’m no longer sad.

I found someone greater, different. Now I’m happy he hurt me, for this other one is brilliant!

I’ll keep him forever more, and I can’t wait for what’s in store. But I have to wait for what I don’t know.

For it wouldn’t be the future, if that is so.

My Heart’s Desire

I can’t feel my legs, my chest is on fire. The feeling is mutual, it’s my heart’s desire.

His face haunts my dreams, with a pain so deep, no matter where I go, or when I sleep.

His touch on my arm, his breath on my skin. His pulse on my chest, I only fear sin.

His eyes that hold the fire we made, that burns so deep inside, but shall never fade.

I can’t take it back, one thought led to another, but I couldn’t help it, there was one other.

I hurt him so bad, I hate myself every day, so I sit by his gravestone, to silently pray.

“I love you my darling,” I say in my head, The feeling I had, brings only dread.

“I didn’t mean it!” I shout at the stone, but no matter what I do now, I will always be alone.

My Heart’s Plea

I cannot dream of the life I yearn for, but I will continue to want that night, and I know I should demand so much more, but I cannot exist in the daylight.

I crave to know of what I cannot gain, though I understand the risks forced to make and the never ending glances of pain I could only resist against not to take.

I need a voice to shout out my heart’s plea, I have wished for the darkness for far too long, like it is my soul’s foolish melody, and I continue to keep my will strong.

I must sacrifice my soul to the fire in order to become a vampire.

My Life

I can’t stand the pain, the linger of the peeling. My heart beats again, with that long, hard feeling.

The hunger is great, I don’t know if I’ll make it. My family is just screwed up right now, and I don’t know if with them I fit.

What can I do? Should I get a job? I’m only fourteen, and I won’t join a mob.

I want it to be normal, like it once was. This feeling of being poor sucks, it just does.

My Life Drags On

The thought of another day, to drag by, seems hard for me, for this day I cry.

The days seem like weeks, one time standing still. I drag my life on, and won’t let myself spill.

I hear of tales, which cheer me on. I want to believe them, which would be a lot of fun.

But what is real, and what is not? Are words we speak real, or are they just blots?

I want to know the answers, but what would there be to live for? I drag my life on, to see what’s in store.

My Man

The flames of crimson, orange, yellow, and blue, sink in my skin as I think of you.

The dreams I have are full of thoughts, full of your ideas and forget-me-knots.

Your face so kind, your eyes so deep. I dream of you during the day, and whilst I sleep.

To think of your skin, soft as the grass in the Spring. Your voice melodic to mine, as we both harmonically sing.

I hear your voice, and I get some goosebumps. When I try to speak to you, my throat has some lumps.

The first time we kiss, I will never forget. That will be the best day yet.

My Mermaid

I dream once in awhile, underwater, but still in my place. There’s always a voice in my head, but I constantly see that familiar face.

He swims around me, making me dizzy but I giggle. He laughs at how I swim, and told me I do a little wiggle!

The water from the moonlight, or maybe the sunlight too! It’s all so incredible, just believe me you.

He has a fin, I’m human, but he doesn’t mind. He likes to make jokes and kid with me, like when we play seek or find.

My underwater world is but a dream, but I enjoy it with my friend. You see, not matter where or what I dream, there will never be an end.

The water, the fish, colors of red, blue and green. There’s always something to wonder about, or maybe just to be seen.

The water all around us, so easy and so clear. He shows me very funny tricks, like once he made a water sphere.

He has brownish hair, but it glows blonde in the light. He always saves me from the sharks, that seem to lurk by each night.

He’s my savior underwater, and my dearest friend at heart. I will always dream that underwater scene, and enjoy it from end to start.

My Reflection

I see no one, standing right in front of me. To think that my reflection, really could be.

My big cheeks, my heavy eyes, my stubby legs, my wailing cries.

I can’t stand me, my looks and how I feel. I just want to shatter the glass in front of me, as if I were never real.

To let the glass fall, after punching my own face. To feel satisfied, when myself has but space.

I look into the mirror, each and every single night. Just to find my working out hasn’t worked, and I turn off the light.

I walk out of the room, shoulders shuddering in pain. Why can’t I be beautiful, instead of being lame.

I get into bed, turned off my lights, and pulled the covers over my head. Could I just stay here, protected, in my own world instead?

No, I shake my head and weep a little, burying my face in the dark. I will relinquish myself one day, with just one, tiny spark.

I promise to get rid of those lumps on my sides. But for now, I will stay away from the world, where I can safely hide.

My Sorrow of Today

The ashes that fall, the person I knew, the fire burning tall, I don’t know what to do.

My brain is too weak, my body’s giving in. It hurts when I speak, the pains just about to begin.

Now what I speak of isn’t fear, no, it’s not that at all. I just hate to think, shedding tears, getting on my knees to crawl.

I live in a world not as I planned, the journey of life isn’t fun. I try to keep my heart in my hand, but I know I could leave it in the sun.

My life is all mine, but it doesn’t feel like that. I feel like I’m not bound to time, as if my reason is flat.

I can’t see the sky, it’s disappearing up above. I can’t find comfort when I lie, and I can’t find anyone to love.

My life may have worth, but it’s fooling me so far. I don’t know why I’m on this earth, I’ll just stay in my little jar.


He dreams of what is soon to come. He doesn’t notice, but he’s not alone.

He smiles at her as if he knew. But he didn’t know what to do.

He’s there when she needs him, and his chances are never too slim.

So who I speak of, you’ll never know. Not even if you’re a friend or foe.

My Town

My town I live in is small, and no one hardly knows it. Unless our band wins a competition, and that, to us, is a big hit!

We have a theater, no actually more than two. When you get bored, which is most of the time, you usually have something to do.

My town is cheap, and very, very fun. Sometimes we have carnivals, but I like it with no sun.

I love the activities, the places to hang out with your friends. Your friends could be in a play, and that’s something fun to attend.

My town is just normal, no ghosts or goblins. But the exciting thing about my relatives that don’t live in my town, is that they own a family Red Robins.

I know I just got off topic, but there’s nothing more to say. I live in my town, each and every single day.

My Underworld

The cold ground on my bare feet, I didn’t know it’d be like this. Cobwebs and darkness all around, but the sun I would not miss.

Tombstones lay bare with names, one stood all alone. Once I looked at the poor girl’s grave, my body shook to the bone.

Twas my name on that stone, wet tears that meant nothing came, I cried out loud, no one around, remembering that it no longer was a game.

All I can remember is falling, darkness caressing over my skin, for you see, it all is but a nightmare, and it’s only just to begin.

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