Here's to Odd Dreams and Petty Things

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I cry wet tears, blood flowing too. Something happened, please give me a clue!

There is a lot of blood, pouring down like a river. It’s so cold here, I tremble and shiver.

The pain is crucial, it hurts like hell. I can’t remember what happened, maybe I fell.

I am still crying, blood filled tears. I wasn’t really scared, until now-this fear!

Passionate Love

His words so calming, like nothing is better. Their love there, they see in one another.

The love they share, can’t describe the sea. How the waves crumple up like fabric, and is meant to be.

Their kisses like the sun, it’s rays so calming. The touch of their fingers, is never alarming.

The passion of that kiss, longs for an embrace. Not too fast, for the heart sets a race.

The kiss so soft, their bodies against each other. The passion of their love, is like smooth butter.

I wish I could be, in this passionate cry. But the love I once felt, was now crumbling and dry.

I love him more, than anyone can know. But now my soul is gone, to that hell below.



of one

to bid by

for life of a

prisoner that may

subdue all of her life

for the chance to live again.

The prisoner may not live on,

but she will try her best to survive.

To feel the same with normal teenagers,

but that will not be her fate today.

Her life will be short and unknown,

due to only one killing,

that she will remember

for the rest of her

long and unfair

term of the




It might seem like the world is hard, that to live is a bad thing. But let me tell you, even if it seems so, it doesn’t pack much of a painful sting.

You may give up, you may wonder. But there may be something more out yonder.

Try for what you believe in, don’t let your world go a tumblin’. All have bad times, get rid of your problems.

Pure Heart

I come from a land, far away from here. It’s said to be amazing, but it’s not that way I fear.

It’s full of destruction, of war and disease. You can’t live on my land, with very much ease.

It stands polluted, inhabitants starting to suffer. My world is getting hard every day, so the people have it rougher.

I escaped from that world, to come here to Earth. From which I amazingly found my mother from birth.

Who knew I was born here? How did I get there? My mom told me I’m their queen, and I have a male pair.

I was arranged to love a Prince of their land, and to grow up to be their second in command.

How is this true, how did it become like this? I didn’t want to be the queen of a land, that holds no bliss.

I live on my planet, not Earth anymore. I’ve made this place better, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store.

I met my mate, he was quite charming. We fell in love immediately, which was very alarming.

I know why they chose me, from any other girl. Because I have a pure heart, that shines like a pearl.

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