Here's to Odd Dreams and Petty Things

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Say You Love Me

How can you tell love, how can you be? Can I pier into his eyes and see what he thinks of me?

I think he’s great, and I want that kiss. I want to lure him into my abyss.

I hold his hand, he strokes my palm. I can’t help it, but my heart will never be calm.

He’s said he loves me, and I see it in his smile. But he’s new at romance, and it’ll take him a while.

What do I do? Do I send him a letter? Would my heart slow down, or my worries be any better?

Romance is amazing, you just have to love it. It may take a lot, or maybe just a little bit.

I’m head over heals, and don’t know what to do. I can’t help it, but I’m in love with you.

Love me back, that’s all I want. I want your arms around me, and I want your flirty taunts.

I love you Josh, and that’s all I can say. Tell me you love me back, and my heart will flutter away.

If anything happens, I’ll crumble like cake. I would no longer be me, but not myself and fake.

Just tell me you love me, that’s all I want to know. So my heart will stop swinging to and fro.

Just say you love me, so my heart can stop jumping, but even if you say it, my heart will be thumping.

I love you Josh, and that’s all I have to say, to take your hand, and to carry you away.


I’m nice when I wear a jewelry thing. So I won’t create a painful sting.

I turn full demon when I’m mad. Let me tell you, I’m really bad.

I turn into a big wolf that is white. If I do, you’re in for a fright.

So if I get mad and I’m not wearing the necklace, RUN! For I’m a demon that doesn’t bring much fun.

I recognize no one who I’ve come to love, I try to kill all as I push and shove.

I lurk in the darkness, where no one can see. So when you come near, there, I’ll always be!


We sit on the ground staring up into the sky. The feeling is remarkable, as if I could fly.

He holds my hand, so I won’t drift away. By his side, is where I’ll safely stay.

The clouds of cotton, the sky of blue. This is the last thing I’d see, and that I knew.


He talks, his voice hovering over. It hypnotizes me, just like a soft, warm cover.

I listen to him speak, he glances at me. I know we’re in love, that we’re meant to be.

He tells me everything, how he feels, what he thinks. I adore him so much, even if he drinks.

He’s always there, by my side, watching over me. I have a feeling that when I’m with him, I feel FREE!

Spoken Eyes

Soft as a petal, a rose may hold. Strong glares to wonder from who is bold.

Eyes that seek beings beyond recognition. Their colors of sorts you’d think of no addition.

I can’t tell you whose eyes I speak of. Only that it is held by one I love.

The eyes that hold fear, truth, and bewilderment. The eyes that focus on the good times spent.

I wish to peer through those farseeing eyes. For mine do not come close, not even in disguise.

The feelings of joy, love, hate, and anguish, tell of what this being may truly wish.

I say again, how great it would be, to imagine what a blind man does, to think of what he sees.

Soul-bound Vampire

I dream of a night, maybe never to come, of a silhouette standing before me. I would glance through my mirror, many more nights than some, to see if my dream is meant to be.

I feel him nearby, like he’s part of me, but his heart I never can feel. I dream of his face, that face I long to see, to believe so much that he’s real.

The man I dream of, I’ll never forget is different from you and I. And I think of him forever yet, until my fate is meant to die.

The man I fantasize, his voice in my ears, his smell I’ll forever know, like dreams I have that bring me to tears, or maybe like the first time I saw snow.

He is not mortal, but rages like fire, yet he always seems to care, the man I dream of, my soul-bound vampire, is actually my worst nightmare.


I look around, in search of him. To glance over each face, in a short, smooth skin.

I want him near, I feel him watch me. I want to be beside him, that’s where he wants me to be.

To see his face, the love he gives. It haunts my soul, knowing he lives.

To feel his presence, his feeling of anticipation. It made me feel great at first, but then it feels like suffocation.

I want to know him, his laugh and his cry. He’s been stalking me forever, I just want him to die.

Story of Her Life

She sits with a book in hand, a pen ready to write. The words just flow out of her, so her story is in sight.

She tells of her life, how she lives on with pain. She tells that she’ll never love, ever again.

She tells of a man, that broke her heart, how he dumped her like stones, and tore her apart.

But another came, she didn’t think she’d love him. But every night she dreamt, her lust for him with each and every whim.

They loved each other a lot, not knowing what the next step was. They loved each other for their own reasons, just because.

They loved on and on, and didn’t know when their love would bend. But they married each other, and the girl wrote, “The End”.


My life is in bars, I sing my woeful song. I’d be better off alone, but that is taking too long.

My parents don’t trust me, but they always say they do. I don’t believe a word they say, if only they knew.

They keep me in a cage, feeding me hourly or so. They don’t hit, but drag my brain to and fro.

I want to get out of this suffocating life. Where I could live life to the fullest, without thinking of a knife.

I know it’s good intentions, but I can’t hardly breathe. Their love is suffocating me, showing me my own sheath.


She sits above a pool of water, her blood pouring out doesn’t really matter.

She watches as her blood drips, the blood and the water don’t seem to mix.

At first she felt pain, but then relief. Her tears dripping also, this was her belief.

She knew she caused this, but she liked. The fact that her life was horrible, she then didn’t have to fit.

It wasn’t long until the water was red and she grew weak. She blacked out and would no longer speak.

Surviving Life

To know your name, to dream of tomorrow, to think of fame, and to feel heart’s’ sorrow.

To feel pain just to know you’re alive. To see the sun again, and to know you’ll survive.

Life is a maze, you must live to see, to go through each phase, and to find out the key...



You see a work of art, you rely on the artist’s beliefs. I read a friend's art, and it makes me sigh in relief!

Art is of the essence, it allows me to breathe. I need to write, draw, and READ!

My friends are very artistic, they know just what they’re doing. I admire their artwork so much, I’d buy their first beginning.

So keep at it all my friends, you create your own defense. I enjoy your artworks, they keep me in suspense!

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