Here's to Odd Dreams and Petty Things

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Break Free

Be Careful

The future holds what lies ahead.

If feuds are over, and enemies dead.

But to figure out what to do,

a person or something must have a clue.

So think a lot before you do it.

If you don’t, you probably blew it!

Behind My Mask

Everything I yearn to feel is always taken from me, though where in the world I do not know, for I cannot always see.

I yearn to love and hate alike, though my feelings are often lost, my emotions churning horrid effects, which is soon to begin to frost.

My life and blood are never here, though I must strive to believe, but what will happen if I find what I want, and it ends up to deceive?

I wish to caress and desire equally, though without my mind it’s hard, for I feel like an empty shell that’s only option is to discard.

My life seems never-ending, always burning, and never aiming to find, that secret my soul depends on, eternally missing, that from which I am blind.

I look for myself, but never can attain what I’ve incessantly imagined there, but everything I had ever been looking for lied behind the mask I wear.


You fight for what’s right, they turn against you.

Your doing the right thing. Why haven’t they have a clue?

You believe in love and more.

Good things will happen for you, wait to see what’s in store.

Stand behind your beliefs, they will take you far.

If you believe you can, you can become a star.

So listen to your heart, you’ll know what to do.

Don’t let them take you down, just be you!


A breath can last forever, but maybe not long at all.

Your breath frozen in winter, or drifting in fall.

The taste of imagination, the feel of reality, the sense of conclusion, or the relation to formality.

You do what you want, you know if you’re an achiever, but one thing all will know, if you’re a believer.

Betrayed Heart

I met him on the street.

I didn’t ever think we would meet.

There was something odd, that he knew.

I had to figure out what to do.

I went to his house and saw him there.

But what I saw, was not fair.

He killed many women, to use as prey.

I knew what he was on that very day.

The weird thing is, he’s just plain freaky.

He sucks blood, and is very sneaky.

Why did he betray me, why didn’t I know?

Now I’m like him.

Ashamed and low.

Be Yourself

Do what you can, when you need.

Do what you have to, to be who you want to be.

Be someone, not what others think.

Be yourself, and get it in sync.

Be who you are, not who you can be.

Be what you were made for, so everyone can finally see.

Blueby Booby

Blueby Booby, my wonderful friend, I will keep you safe, until the very end.

You are full of air, but I do not mind.

You love me back, and are very kind.

You might pop soon, but I’ll keep you in thought, for when you die, I'll be distraught.

Go eat some bananas, though I know they’ll be air, but as long as you’re alive, I’m sure you won’t care.

Blueby Booby, my balloon animal friend, I will have you in my heart ’til I can no longer attend.

Break Free

Funny friends, odd places.

Mean guys, with awful faces.

Bunnies who curse, people who die.

Little kids are happy, and dream to fly.

To have imagination, to live the life I wish,

to soar in the clouds, to breathe like a fish.

I want I yearn to live, not caring about a thing.

But that’s different today, and it holds against my being.

I want to break free, now better than at all.

I want to go beyond the distance, then to drastically fall.

My life isn’t okay, it’s not great in some ways.

But people think I’m spoiled, and I’d trade that for adventuresome days.

Bring Me to Life

How can you peer into my eyes, as if they are doors, that lead you down into my yearnings, where I feel nothing without a soul, with my spirit drifting off into the cold, until you find my soul and take it back where it belongs.

Wake me up from this, wake me up from this, call to me and lead me back to light. I bet my blood to pour, even before I’m wounded, save me from the dreams which I have my might.

Now that I know that I’m alone, you can’t just leave me in the dark, give me your breath to bring me back,

‘Bring me to life’.

Wake me up from this, wake me up from this, call to me and lead me back to light. I bet my blood will pour, even before I’m wounded, save me from the dreams which I have my might.

‘Bring me to life’,

(I can’t live this fake life anymore, I have nothing else to look for)

‘Bring me to life’.

Stuck inside without your life to warm me up, only you can set me free among the living. In every dream I can’t believe that you were there hidden in the dark in front of me, it seems as if my dream held for a thousand years, not to awake for anything, without my thoughts, without my drifting voice, without my lingering soul, don’t allow my spirit to stay, there has to be another way,

‘Bring me to life’.

Wake me up from this, wake me up from this, call to me and lead me back to light. I bet my blood will pour, even before I’m wounded, save me from the dreams which I have my might.

‘Bring me to life’,

(I can’t live this fake life anymore, I have nothing else to look for)

‘Bring me to life’.

Broken Destiny

To die when yearning to live, to laugh when destined to cry, to learn your fate means nothing and to have no means to try.

To destroy the fate laid out, for it means nothing to you.

To shock all hearts that don’t believe, the life we never knew.

My words are only such, heed them while you ascend, for later in life when you remember I guarantee it’ll be the end.

Broken Heart

Never knew I could feel like this, as if my heart yearned for his kiss.

His body very masculine, I can’t wait to hold it again.

Him smiling when he sees me, and there I’ll always be.

He came to my house one night, doing so, giving my heart a fright.

He climbed through the window, smiling and said,

‘Will you sit down on the bed?’ I did as he asked, confused yet happy.

He sat beside me, all sweaty and sappy.

He caressed my cheek, staring into my eyes.

I saw in his, he held a few lies.

’I haven’t been honest, try to forgive me. You’re just you, and that’s who you should be.′

I started to cry, not knowing what to say.

I felt my heart start to decay.

’I don’t love you like I said I did. To me, you’re still just a kid.′

That made me sob, trying not to yell.

I hurt really badly, and that he could tell.

’I’m so sorry Kate, I should have told you. But my emotions were high strung, and I didn’t know what to do.′

I sat there and cried, as he watched my shoulders tremble.

He left me then, my heart all a crumble.

Butterflies of Night

The blanket of black shines down on the night.

The millions of stars bring wonder and delight.

But out of the darkness, shines rainbows of magic.

Like someone creating a new type of fabric.

I look to see, not one but two.

They dance gracefully around, red, yellow, and blue.

The colors magnificent, the glow just incandescent.

The texture of the flow made it so resplendent.

My eyes do not fool me, but what I saw was true.

Please do not think me odd, but this could happen to you.

Butterflies, like fireflies, shown through the night.

Dancing like gypsies, begging for an invite.

The wings of the butterflies, the textures so elegant and frail.

To as if you would touch them, they would no longer prevail.

Their magnificence so touching, their beauty so near.

To watch what I saw, would only bring many fear.

Believe in this story of fascination and grace,

for if you saw what I did, it would bring wonder to every face.

So believe you me, of this visual of delight,

that exquisiteness does come from Butterflies of Night.

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