Here's to Odd Dreams and Petty Things

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Unknown Letter

Unforgettable End

His voice to haunt my memories, his face to haunt my dreams, his careful words and endless love shall save me from my screams.

His strong arms to set me free from the crazy world around, and the moment I see his smile, there can never be a sound.

“Save my soul, my love, for you are the hero for me. I love you, remember that!” was my life ending plea.

I can never live again for my worthless life is through, though every moment of extreme bliss were the times I spent with you!

Unknown Letter

The letter I wrote didn’t say who it was for, only that I just started talking. I know I haven’t felt this way before, but I have to keep on walking.

You don’t know how it feels, to kill and get away. I could be fed to the eels, but I’m looking for a safe place to stay.

I can’t take the pain, so I’m running away. I need to find the person who made me insane, where I myself can pay.

I’ve done something terrible, you just don’t know. I’m not at all bearable, and I hate to feel this low.

Tell my mom I love her, and I’m sorry for all the pain. She won’t see me this winter, or not ever again.

Well, the letter I wrote said I had killed someone. That I felt as horrible and that I was a bother. But the problem was, that person wasn’t just anyone, it was my older brother.

I’m nowhere near my mother, I’m all alone. I miss us being together, but not when I feel like a block of stone.

So now you know my story, there’s just one extra detail. So don’t get so worried, but it’s you next that I’ll have to kill.

Unknown Me

In the mirror I see me, hazel eyes that peer into my core. I see fire red hair, that youth has taken away once before.

In the mirror I see me, a person I know and hate. I stare at my reflection right now, as if tomorrow would be too late.

In the mirror I see me, but there resides something more. A soul of strength submerges, like a gown a geisha once wore.

In the mirror I see me, ordinary, but rare. Everyday I look at this person, who seems to do the same, only stare.

In this everlasting reflection I see me but I’m unknown. I’ve lost myself in time, but the me I see is has grown.

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