Here's to Odd Dreams and Petty Things

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I’m weird, yes, but that’s not all.

I hate the spring, and love the fall.

I love the dark, instead of light.

I also bark, and will most definitely bite.

I love blood, I have sharp teeth, and I’m pale.

People like me are just a tale.

I can fly, and so much more.

I creep around, maybe through your front door!

Vampyre Dwelling

Her skin translucent, soft as sand.

She had acknowledged it recent, it wasn’t easy to amend.

She had marks on her neck, not knowing why.

But he would come back, being very sly.

He’d suck her blood as she silently dozed.

She dreamed of him, but not of what her body knows.

She awoke once, to find him there.

That would be the last time she saw him, so tall and fair.

He sucked her dry to where there was nothing left.

And returned to the darkness, from which he slept.

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