Here's to Odd Dreams and Petty Things

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Can’t Stand You

You were once everything, now nothing.

I feel for you not, and don’t do anymore sobbing.

I have someone else, but when you’re around,

I feel slow motion, and hear no sounds.

I want you out of my life, gone as far as the sea is blue.

I don’t want to see you ever again, I just can’t stand you!

Can You Feel My Pain

I love pain, the thought makes me think.

I won’t do it badly, not to put me in the brink.

I love pain, for it to hurt me.

So when it’s gone, I can tell, and here I’ll still be.

The pain doesn’t go for too long, unless I want it to.

I don’t mean to hurt myself, but that you knew.

I get scratched by my cat, my two puppies too!

I let the blood run a little, and watch it, woo hoo!

The worst thing is, no one knows how I feel.

No one agrees with me, on this delicate appeal.

My mom hates when I talk about it, but I’m not completely sane. I’m weird,

Can You Feel My Pain?


The lips she kissed were frozen, but she only kissed them a dozen.

Why had she done it? The things just didn’t seem to fit.

He had her, but she hurt him worse. He was now under an endless, driven curse.

Never to walk the planet again, and forever to be lost of her as a friend.

Where should she go? She’s scared and alone. It’s not like she could call someone on the phone.

She had done something wrong, but couldn’t find the strength to be strong.

She couldn’t run away, and needed a place where she could safely stay.

She can’t see anything, it’s her main fear.

What can she do? She’s alone and dear.

She’s so afraid, she can’t see straight. She didn’t notice, but it was getting late.

Why did she do the thing she didn’t want done? She thought for once, but it wasn’t much fun.

She was distressed, she didn’t have any feelings. So she shot herself, and was let loose of all her strings.


She sits and watches him, he strings his guitar chords.

He’s playing like a pro, glancing at her to see if she’s bored.

She loves the sounds, the music drifting from one to the next.

He strums through each note, sometimes making them sound flexed.

She imagines them, sitting down on the bed.

He leans toward her, and she also leans ahead.

They kiss slowly, then it speeds up a little.

She wants to kiss him, and that’s her acquittal.

He plays the last note, bringing her back to him.

She smiles, happy with each and every whim.

He walks over to her and sits as in the dream.

But this time, he kisses her, and it was better than what it seemed.


We sit by the fire, wrapped in each other’s arms.

We’ve stayed inside, due to the many storms.

We whisper and laugh, he gives me a kiss.

I hate to admit it, but I only dreamt this.

Confused Heart

Someone hurt me, and then another came.

After that another, I feel like a dame.

The second sweet, the third funny.

They both make me happy, my days also sunny.

So which do I choose, I do not know.

But what I don’t want is another foe.

Crazed Clown

Her hair was red, eyes of brown. She had a fear of a crazy clown.

As it chased her through the mall, she screamed at her friends,“Curse you all!”

For it was them who did tell that awful thing, it is her birthday so laugh and sing.

Still to this day she sees that face, a painted smile and eyes so bright, the face that still haunts her through each night.

“Go away you stupid thing!” she said one night in a certain dream.

I know for a fact it will never leave her be, in her dreams and subconscious mind, is where she’ll always see!

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