Here's to Odd Dreams and Petty Things

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Dancing in the Moonlight

The touch of his skin, like the moon’s reflection.

The feel of his breath, does more than heals my complexion.

I can feel him there, like the stars I see every night.

But unlike horror movies, it doesn’t cause any fright.

He once was with me, laying by my side.

But now he’s gone, unlike the moon for the wolf to confide.

I miss you my dear, and I want you tonight, while I stand on our porch, and dance in the moonlight.

Dancing in the Rain

The two join hands, the rain pelting down. They dance on the sands, but not just to drown.

The water caresses their skin, as they twirl around. The girl loving the man, he was lucky she he found.

The rain falling in rhythmic passion. As the couple kiss each other, in a beautiful, loving fashion.

They prance around, thinking it would never end. Until the last raindrop hit the ground, and to their wetness the would attend.


People get raped, killed, or worse.

Some even end life with a meaningless curse.

I’m healthy and strong, and have the rest of my life to live.

But to give it up for one of them, that I would give.

I feel sad for some people, from their traumatic events.

I live life in a box, with just a few dents.

I want some danger, some midnight wonder.

But when I would get what I want, will danger be what I ponder?

So live life freely, but be careful on the way.

In my box, is where I’ll safely stay.

Dark Life

I sat in the dark, staring off into the abyss.

Outside was my enemy, and that I would not miss.

The darkness was like liquor, fulfilling my every need.

I couldn’t escape it that night, for I was it’s feed.


I lay in a bed, someone talking in my head.

I’ve been sick, and he’s here. This is my fear.

I’m losing everyone I once did love. The darkness took me to my path above.

Darkness Dwellers

There is something you cannot see.

They hide in the forest, and pretend they’re free.

They dwell upon the dead, things that just gave away.

They hide in the darkness, so there they can stay.

They kill if they like, maybe you or I.

Sometimes, if they feel like it, they can easily fly.

They search the darkness, for what a human eye can’t see.

In the Forest of No Return, is where they’ll safely be.

Deadly Hall

I hear something, you hear it too.

Someone is crying, what will we do?

We run down the hall, lights dim and shady.

We walked up to a door, she’s in there, maybe.

We open the door to find a girl, bleeding on the floor,

her eyes all a twirl. She’s pale and sick, we run to her quickly.

“Who are you two?” She asked quite sickly.

“We’re here to help.” You quickly say.

“It wasn’t supposed to end this way.”

She said, that being the last thing.

She left this world, with an ugly powerful sting.


If you ever experience death, or if someone else dies, Time stops, and it seem like everything cries.

Your heart stops with that painful reeling, you know that stomach ripley, feeling.

You cry your heart out, and everyone is sad. You’d think after all the drama, they’d all be mad.

You mourn for that person, pet, or friend. You know their life is over, and it’s their end.

You’ll love on, after what seems like forever. Nothing can live too long, never.

Death is a Thought

Never run, but allow.

Never cower, it might happen now.

Death comes strangely to some, but unfairly to others.

To mothers who want sons, and to sisters who want brothers.

Death is a thought, not as sweet as you think.

It may come to you quickly, but it can’t be beaten by a shrink.

You may wish to die, but to live would be a dare.

To give your life away, when there are others who care.

I’ve thought about Death, and of how it affects many.

But if you think about it, some moments don’t cost a penny.

Death is a thought, not of happiness or mourn.

To think of it, though, feels as if your heart were torn.

Death is sad, yes, but don’t think too badly about it.

When your time comes, it comes, and trust me, you won’t doubt it.


What is to come?

What’s said is done.

Your will is your own.

You set your own tone.

You choose a path, and you know it’s there.

You just have to set it, so it’s no longer bare.

Look around, maybe say a prayer.

You might be surprised to find, I’m not there.

Don’t Trust Anyone

You think you know someone, just because they’ve known you long. But the real truth is, you’re mainly quite wrong.

I knew someone, very close to me indeed. Until it came time, for his kind to feed.

He was my lover, he said he loved me once. Until he became hungry, and hunted me down for months.

I ran from him, yes, wouldn’t you? For once he told his friends, there were more than two.

They hunted and searched, smelling and killing. They’d search for me every night, until they got their filling.

I was not found, and I’m still in hiding. But once the time comes, I will go out fighting.

For I thought I knew someone, just because I knew him long. But the main truth was, I was deathly wrong.


A girl sitting on a crescent moon, her thoughts above the sky.

She watches as the stars above go shooting by and by.

Her outfit like silk, her hair glows, her eyes always gleam.

She looks down to our world below, and watches as children dream.

She sits all night, and goes by day, me not knowing how I’ve seen her.

I watch the sky at night when I think, to find that wandering dreamer.


Blood falling from the sky, it rains as she screams.

It washes away a little, but still in heavy streams.

She fell on her knees, feeling the rain pour down.

She was waist high in water, maybe she would drown.

Her screams getting louder, her pain even more.

She can’t feel anything, or reach her inner core.

Her pain getting denser, she thinks of what to do.

Her screams aren’t helping, the water neither too.

She’s getting really cold, yet she won’t stop screaming.

Why is this happening to her, or is she merely dreaming?

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