Here's to Odd Dreams and Petty Things

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Far in Between


My life is numb, I cannot feel, I used to know what’s ahead, but now I’m clueless, my thoughts surreal, and I can’t seem to get out of my head.

I used to know me, smiling and happy, am I tricking everyone around? Will I finally crack, going completely sappy, and leave with no heart pounding sounds?

Someone tell me what this is, like being trapped in the rain. I want to feel myself, nothing amiss, and to smile once again.

I’m trapped in darkness and can’t get out, to finally see what’s real. I’m stuck in this world, not knowing what it’s about, and now I have fallen through deal.

So help me someone, I beg of thee, to take my hand and lead, before my hatred takes over me, and leaves my soul to bleed.

Fallen Angel

A girl felt sad, standing at a window. Her boyfriend made her angry, cheating with his friend now.

She stepped closer to the edge, her friends running in the room. They speak not knowing her danger, she fell without any broom.

Her best friend’s guy called to her with care. ’I know you don’t know, I love you, don’t you dare!′

She peered up as she fell, her friends watching her descend. She hits the ground with a crack, her life couldn’t amend.

Her friends start to cry, not noticing her glow. She beamed white and started to drift, and heads their way, but they did not know.

She hovered before them, they saw her powerful mood. They didn’t know why, but there soon would be a feud.

Her best friend was dark, mysterious, and a killer. She never missed a target, and she now was against a thriller.

She spoke with wisdom, flying like a seagull. ’I now serve at his hand. I am the Fallen Angel.′

Her friend was angry, turning into the form she hated. She felt as if she were starving for blood, and this would not be sedated.

She lunged at the unknown, not caring what happened next. But she did not expect to be hurt, and forever more be hexed.

Her friend was now an enemy, what was she to do? Her friend’s guy loved her, and that made her feel brand new.

She didn’t fight her friend, but turned back to herself. She landed in his arms, the guy who brought her back to good health.

Fall’s Road

A girl walked down the street, leaves falling all around. Colors of the sunset, laid lightly on the ground.

And yet she walked on, not noticing the peace surrounding her. Her heart is cold, as an ice queen’s, and that’s how some prefer.

But it wasn’t her fault, her heart turning the way it has. She didn’t mean to make the crime, but that’s now in the past.

The cement below, wet and cold as it tumbles behind. She seeks help from someone, but that someone she will not find.

It’s not her fault, the way she is, and how she will turn out. But she will journey on, walking on the road, and with that, I have no doubt.


Vampires, lichens, unicorns, and leprechauns.

There as real as the Earth’s first dawn.

I’m crazy about them, they’re fantasy!

Let’s go off into our own world, just you and me!

Far in Between

It’s amazing what I have gone through, so much that my life seems overdue.

What can I do to change it all? Because, still now, my life seems so small.

Call my name and spill my blood, I’m here and yet far in between, no matter what you do or what you say, you cannot intervene.

My life runs its course, and fate takes its toll, and all I can do is run and fade, because this is my soul.

I’m not asking for help, and I am not pleading for you, I am just tired and sick, and I don’t know what to do.


To live a life, of an unknown fate. To figure out, it’s just too late.

To end your life, with a piercing cry. For at that time, you are to die.

If you knew this, would you really want to know? Either to live in paradise, or on a land of winds and snow.

Your fate is your own, but mine is clear. I am to die one day, and that day draws near.

To leave this world, I had just fallen into. To leave the one I love, and others too.

To die before fate, takes my hand. To die before my wedding, with my caring man.

I can’t believe my ears, but I must do what is told. To die when I’m supposed to, and not when I’m old.

I’ll miss this world, and that is for sure. To die for good, to end this war.


Blood dripped down a path of her smooth skin. Her hair was soaked with her blood. Her head hurt, throbbing in pain.

She was pale, lips of purple. The knife in her hand. Blood still dripping from the steel. She still held the knife firmly, hand grasping the handle.

She knew the feeling of steel against her skin. Blood also dripping from her fingers in a rhythmical pattern. She knew what she did, but she finally faced her fear.

The fear used to follow her everywhere. Now it was gone, and another revived in it’s place. She closed her eyes, with tears rolling down her cheeks.

She felt pain mixed with happiness and sadness. Her fears are always there.

Fire in Her Hand

She sits by the candle, her hand stroking the flame. The colors of red and orange, lap at her fingers.

She stares at the colors, blue sometimes relevant. She skims over the heat once more, barely missing this time.

She wishes to hold that flame in her hand, picking up the candle to observe. The flame flickers too much, she has to put it back down.

She sat and watched the flame all night, but fell asleep with it up. The flame wasn’t beautiful in her sleep, but implied it’s harsh side.

Her apartment caught on fire, her resting soul would stay, for she could not escape her flame, and there she would haunt holding her flame in hand for that very reason.

First and Last

A pain that strikes at one thought’s guess. So harsh and horrid, nothing felt less.

A love that haunts a young couple’s dreams. A heartbreak that may not be what it seems.

A newborn’s cry, a bird’s first flight. A first lovers kiss in the dead of moonlight.

The last breath taken, upon a lost stranger. The thought of fear or of being in danger.

The glories untold, wonders beyond belief. For many firsts and lasts to bring such relief.

First Dance

The longing of seeing, his adoring face. To see his love for her, in his caressing embrace.

To ask one question, does he feel what she does? But in her dreams, his answer there, never was.

Their first long dance, approaches like ice. Slow at first, but ending up nice.

They talk while they dance, humming with the melody. She smells his scent, with a certain remedy.

How long will the moment last? I don’t really care. As long as that dance is mine, and I am dancing there.

First Kiss

It’s school time, and I never see him.

I don’t walk by him in the hall, and I feel like the deadly grim.

I can’t wait to see him, I count every minute.

I dream every night and he’s mainly in it.

I dream of our kiss, the first to long and last.

I dream his lips so smooth, that knock me down with a blast.

My hands on his face, caress his skin.

Our love so sweet, it is just to begin.

I wake up to see, that the dream was just so.

But I still dream for that kiss, and that you now know.

Forgotten Feelings

We laugh together and cry together, but there’s something that calls me to him. The looks he gives me, the sound of his voice, it just makes my mind seem to swim.

He appears in my dreams, not changing at all, but why do I love him so? I broke his heart, and he seems to have forgiven me not too long ago.

I’m falling in love, my heart freezes and burns, but I know he doesn’t deserve me. But how can you love someone who can’t return the feelings, I guess it’s not meant to be.

We talk on the phone and spend time together, I can’t forget the way I feel. I want him to hold me like he does in my dreams, for him to whisper in my ear, “It’s real!”

My memories have come back, not making it easy, and yet my love for him will not cease. It seems as though he may return the feelings sometimes, and then my love for him will only increase.

He is like a fairytale, like the dreams I have, willing to do anything to make me smile. And yet he shares his feelings, about grief and love, so can’t he hold me for just a little while?

I really hurt him, and I don’t deserve it, but my love can’t merely dissipate. I may laugh when I’m with him, which I adore, but I now know I’m far too late.

I’m sorry I’m so complicated, loving you as I do, but love is supposed to be so, right? So, I just wanted to tell of my love for Robert, and wish to dream of him again tonight.


I wear certain clothes, baggy pants and lipstick too.

People ask if I believe in the devil, and I say I do.

I think the devil is real, but I do not worship that guy.

I’d rather not burn in hell, I think it better to fly.

I’m odd, weird, and people stare when I speak.

The main reason for that is that I’m a freak!

Freedom for a Price

There isn’t a war for freedom that didn’t pay a price. Treachery, war, manslaughter, started with bad advice.

The bloodshed that caused many so innocent to die. The faces of people lost, our freedom made to cry.

Our country torn apart, wandering souls at their wake, the thought of another war, brings many hearts to break.

There isn’t a war for freedom that didn’t pay a price, whether it isn’t a horrid thing, or it was exactly precise.


They stay with you through thick and thin.

Choose right, and you can make a life-long friend.

I’ve made some, new and old. I’m great as a friend, is what I’ve been told.

Be nice and be yourself, and you can’t fail. If you do, I’ll be your friend, just send me e-mail!

From What I Remember

We had a great year, some loving moments together. You were so kind and sincere, you made things so much better.

I miss your laughter, your inspiring jokes. Your smile right after, my singing croaks.

You were an amazing love, I will never forget. You may now push and shove, but I will not fret.

You laugh with other girls, I was jealous but not anymore. I have someone who makes my head twirl, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store.

So go on with life, I will never let the memories stir. I won’t go on with strife, with From What I Remember.

Fuels My Hate

Hate is a word I know so well,I’ve used it too many times. One subject alone fuels my hate and that’s what pushes these rhymes.

They call him father, but not to me, he was more like a torturer, it’s true. But recently I have learned that my hate is long overdue.

I blamed him for so much and yet never once knew why he did not try to love me, he just did not try.

I thank him for my life right now, but that is all I can say for my father is the hate I know and it will never go away.

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