Here's to Odd Dreams and Petty Things

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Gust or Fly?

Goal of White

You path is a dim-lighted hall where doors align the sides, some locked, some free, some open to see, and some far beyond your strides.

Your goal is of white, but your journey is long, so do not think to rush past the life of your choice, the options aplenty, are there to make it last.

The color and width are made for you, but the doors and the surprises are not. They are your gift from our conniving world and it is you to decide your lot.

Riddles and obstacles block your path, yet each choice has its own right. So choose correctly and you will find the end of the tunnel of light.


As she sat on the grave, her cape blew against the wind.

This was her love, her hope, her sin.

An old tree creaked, as the grave cold and bare.

This place wanted her care.


Wearing black, not fake, different, that’s at least how I wake.

I don’t care what people think, who says what, and who said I drink.

I’m my own person, I don’t care. I’ve learned that the world is harsh, and nothing seems quite fair.

Choose for yourself, I have. I move on with life, and even learned to laugh.

Guardian Vampire

A dream is a dream, but nothing more? A thought that a young girl keeps.

Does any of it really count? But nothing happy comes as she weeps.

Her dreams are what keeps her going, no one can take that away.

Can there be such things as love? She stares at her ceiling while she lay.

His voice echoes through the room, his eyes penetrate her soul.

Does he really exist or not? Or is it her heart that he once stole?

He fades into her dreams, watching her run from her fears.

He guides her through ruins, disasters that are made, and wipes away her tears.

She wants him there, to touch his skin and to feel her true kiss first.

Can he be false, this guardian vampire, or will he only be cursed.

She sees no evil, but red eyes glow every night when she dreams.

He may be watching over her carefully, but he is the one who causes her screams.

Gust or Fly?

Many fights we have may lead me to cry, but you always make it right, no matter how time may fly.

The good times are great, there aren’t many to care, and the bad times are worse, but you’ll always be there.

Who would fight and laugh like we, or get our jokes, or pick on me?

You’re a breath of fresh air, though it’s more like a gust, but don’t worry, or get angry, you’re a definite must.

So thank you so much for what you’ve done for me, for I am lost without you and that’s how it’ll always be.

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