Here's to Odd Dreams and Petty Things

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Hidden Message

Hard, Cold Ground

You may think your life perfect, like nothing can go wrong. You go to a party, and dance to a brilliant song.

You find a guy, who asks you to dance. You say yes, and off you two prance.

You get tired and want to sit down. He goes off to get you a drink, you just sit with a frown.

He brings back a drink, it tastes kinda funny. You want more of it, it makes you feel sunny.

You get up and dance, drinking more and more. But suddenly, you crash to the floor.

The ground is hard and cold, just like you. Your first drink was your last, and that you knew.

Harry Potter

He has brown hair, eyes of green. A scar on his head of a wizard unseen.

He abolishes danger, not knowing what is to come. He searches for Voldemort, revenge for his mum.

He has two best friends, Ron as the chicken. Hermione is smart, but brings much friction.

They defeat most evil, in many ways possible. They now know how to kill Voldemort, which might cost them more.


An accusation that drives the mind, a thought provoked to stir and bind.

To haunt the presence, to cause such stress, to make even a perfect idea seem like a mess.

To stay forever, to leave right now, to invoke the person to wonder how.

The thought of Hate, it’s a deadly vile, to start only damage that will last a while.

My mind swims, Hate causing the pain, to stay very shortly, but will happen again.

Help me someone for my thoughts are my end, an instant to exterminate my dreams’ best friend.


The noise is unbearable, I can’t stand it anymore. I’m about ready to walk out that door.

No matter what you say, it does not cease. I don’t care right now, it’s one of my pet peeves.

I yell and shout, but it still goes on. My head feels like it weighs a ton!

Silence for a moment, it’s just like fog dissipating. But when it starts up again, it feels like my head is breaking.

Head Over Heels

His voice so soothing, I’d love to hear it again. To dream of his face, and to let our love begin.

I know he loves me, he’s said so himself. I’m crazy for this guy, and our love for ourselves.

Stay with me Josh, love me forever more. I will always be by your side, or waiting at your bedroom door.


Why does it hurt like it does, why can’t I just fly away? Why did he do this to me, if only he would just have stayed.

He’s gone from my life, a memory in my mind, but even in time those memories disappear, and they’re no longer mine.

My heart is aching, I can’t feel his touch. His hands aren’t mine anymore, I want him back so much!

I feel so alone now, my heart is up with the moon. I can’t focus on anything, and I feel like I will just evaporate soon.

Why does it hurt so bad, this broken heart of mine? Why did he do the thing he did, and make my life just stop in time?

He Can Stop Time

His hand upon mine, the feeling sensational. His smile meets mine, so motivational.

How will I tell him, how I really feel? To start our love together, in that ever turning wheel.

I can’t stand the wait, to see his face. To touch his skin and to get to the next base.

What will it take, for him to just hold my hand? To dance around, with the music of a band?

I want his touch, his skin upon mine. In that moment, I know he can stop time.

So bear with me, that moment is soon to come. When he tells me he loves me, and that our love has just begun.

You think of hell being bad, fire burning off skin. But what is Hell, and when will it begin?


The fires burned, the place you didn’t want to go. You made mistakes, how they led you so.

You killed yourself, a crime which you did. Now you can’t escape him, even if you hid.

His fire burns, your skin tearing away. It’s as if you’re metal and you seem to decay.

So now you have no one, you can’t seem to tell. But where you are is important.


Hell is in an Empty Heart

My opinion is that Hell is not in torture, but in an empty heart, that no longer can adore her.

I know of heartbreak, and it feels like your heart is being ripped. But wouldn’t you rather like a kiss, that he on accidentally nipped?

Hell is not in torture, but in an empty heart. Wouldn’t you do anything for love, even being torn apart?

I know not of love, but of how it feels. That how badly a heart hurts, after someone starts to peel.

Hell is not torture, but an empty heart. But torture may come, from your love to depart.

I warn you of love’s aftermath, and of how badly it hurts. But love is not the torture, especially not the bunches of flirts.


You have a bad day, more soon to come. It’s starts to rain outside, and you have to walk home.

The rain pours down, it gets cold and seeming. Cars pass by, they’re tires loudly screeching.

You cross the street, you looked both ways. A car speeds toward you, and with a hit is where you lay.

You wake in the rain, people peering down at your body. You’re not the one looking up, but in the crowd, you stand as somebody.

You watch as they carry yourself away, your soul heading into the abyss. You can’t help but feel, a strong knowledge of helplessness.

[Here’s to odd dreams and petty things]

Here’s to odd dreams and petty things you never wish to miss, to whatever struggles life brings, all I know is this.

I search for you and feel you there, but invisible you shall be. Deigned for one, just to care, and for who, that is me.

For those who don’t believe in you, my lover and my friend, you are made of myths and few won’t know until the end.

So stay with me and we will know what life we had back then. The past is but a while ago, when lives were war or men.

You are but pixie dust and dreams I know I can’t allow, but no matter how bad it seems you are my one solemn vow.

We loved each other always and perfect, no matter the age, that’s gone. So I know I cannot ever neglect the feeling that time has won.

I loved you so, and this I say with a heavy heart and mind, “Goodbye my lover, for someday, I’ll never leave you behind.”

Her Dreams

Her breath like fire, her thoughts like rain, she knew she’d never feel whole again. Her life, she knew, was coming to an end, but someone new would then transcend.

His eyes to haunt her soul at night, his voice to transform dark into light, his soul to save her forever more, it’s he, she now knows, he is what she’s living for.

No longer alone and full of fear, she feels complete when he is near. Though I must say that this isn’t true, for nothing good comes for me, but me, but maybe for you!

(It’s true, for you, he will come!)

He Will Fade

Love lost can never be found, though most are blind to see that soulmates and enemies cross the line of inner harmony.

Kisses, glances, may all be false, but when will they ever shine true? I yearn for my dream of his face in my life, though I know it may never end too.

The obstacles and challenges we face are unbelieving, but may never compare to thee, for love is kind, and does not judge, except for you and me.

My dream is to find him, my heart and my soul, though I know he may never appear, I know he’s there, and I feel his pain, but our love can never reign clear.

Come to me, oh, my dear passerby as I dream of your sweet voice. I call to you by dreams at night to give you the undying choice.

“Will you love me?” I ask, alone and afraid, skeptical to his reply. “I will love you forever more, cara mia, until the day I die.”

The dream I had can only be false, though I can feel that you were mine. Your touch, that kiss, our sweet embrace, the endless emotions in time.

The dream dissolves, a memory forgotten, though a year later reappears. What sign are you to interrupt my reality and to rudely reawaken my fears?

I yearn for love, and know it’s true, but how much must I gain? My dark thoughts and hateful words have only eased the pain.

Let us dance, my love, through dreams and worlds for tonight is the night we share. I’ll miss you, my dear, and the memory will fade, until another time would dare.

“I love you,” I murmur, as I watch you vanish, and know that you must leave. “Wait for me,” you reply sadly, and for you, I will believe.


The Phantom stands in the shadows, not knowing when to come out. He wants to see Christine every day, to know what her life’s all about.

He teaches her music, from what no one taught before. He watches her every move, with a hint of love and even more.

He watched her day in and out, until she found another man. He gave up on love, but that wasn’t God’s plan.

Another woman came, the Phantom adored her much, much more. If he didn’t ever feel her touch, he would have nothing to adore.

This new woman is new, and how can it be, that the Phantom of the Opera has fallen in love with me?

Hidden Message

My pen writes my heart, you read uncertain pleas, to search through my words, you find hidden keys.

My soul is unknown, my embodiment just a cage, my thoughts unfolded for reasons, reveal to you a stage.

My dreams are only just, figments to guide my being, to allow those who care, to experience this writer’s seeing.

My pen writes to you now, view the world through my eyes, for the last thing you shall hear, are my final forgotten cries.


He sits right close, and doesn’t know. I care for him, and might love him so.

He glances at me, I glance at him. The only bad thing is, the lights are not dim.

I watch him, so elegant and agile. He looks so peaceful, so smooth and fragile.

I dream of him, a kiss so sweet. I love to see him smile, every time we meet.

His Love for Me

My eyes that hold, his handsome face. His heart that holds, our love’s embrace.

I see into his heart, and him into mine. We never hardly see one another, but our hearts are intertwine(d).

His skin so soft, his heart so fragile. I wish to melt, every time I see him smile.

You should see, that smile he gives to me. Like a gift on Christmas, that’s given by that special he.

I can not see the future, if I’m still with him. But for now, I won’t think of things that might be grim.

His eyes and heart, hold the key. Oh, how I love his love for me!

Holding Hands

We leaned against the wall, music blaring all around.

Listening as we both made whispering sounds.

Our friends dances around, then sat by herself.

I looked to him, he smiles. Could there be anything else?

He’s great, and I love him. He told my friend that he loved me too.

I held his arm, he held my hand. My heart felt like ice and felt blue.

The moment froze, everything was still and I wanted it to stay.

But the worst thing was that I wasn’t a time keeper, and it was at the end of the day.

We had to go home, sad but true, but I’ll always remember that moment’s grand.

The moment time stopped, my heart froze, when he held my hand.


Life goes on, it never ends. If someone you love dies, or you lose a friend.

I advise yo to live life the way you should.

Let me tell you, something will change, a change for the good.

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