Here's to Odd Dreams and Petty Things

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I Bid You Welcome

‘Sir I bid you welcome’ the Phantom politely said. He gave them an opera, so they wouldn’t get jumbled in the head.

’Look at your face in the mirror, I am there inside’ He appeared in the mirror, for Christine to confide.

‘Christine, why?’ He asked, for she loved another man. He would write music for her, that was his plan.

‘Listen to the music of the night’ He guided her through his lair, to show her that a mannequin that looked like her stood there.

‘The world showed no compassion to me!’ For this was true. He had a disfigured face, what was he to do?

‘Wait, I think my dear, we have a guest’ the Phantom pointed out. Raoul had come when he planned, he had no doubt.

‘Be my guest, sir’ the Phantom said opening the gate, but do to warnings of the Phantom’s actions, Raoul was too late.

‘Did you think that I would harm her?’ No, certainly not. He loved Christine, with all of his heart.

‘Go now! Go now and leave me!’ He ordered after his true loves kiss. This day he would always remember, and Christine he would always miss.

For Christine chose Raoul, not the Phantom who gave her his soul. He watched her from then on, ’til death took it’s tole.

Christine died, the Phantom’s heart froze. He gave her back her ring, along with her last rose.

He had given her roses, since she came to the Opera House. He wanted to marry her then, to make her his spouse.

Well, she died that day, in her own way happily seldom. For she would have been happier, if she’d taken his ‘Welcome’.

I Can’t See

I can’t see what’s ahead, if someone is there, or if someone is dead.

I feel for the truth, to find out what’s there. I can’t stand the darkness, but I don’t think no one cares.

I smell for scents, feel for someone’s touch. I want to see colors again, so, so much.

What will it take, for someone to see me. That I am blind, and colorful I’ll never be.

I Can’t Stand Life

I can’t stand the stress, my father shouting. My future on the line, my college decisions I’m doubting.

My parents becoming broke, my life ceasing to exist. I feel as if, I’m sinking into the abyss.

Life is too short, but I can’t wait for it to end. So I can be free, and for a better life to begin!

I Fell For You

Lost and confused, broken and bruised, empty and used, I fell for you.

Happy that I saw you, mad that you left, knowing you don’t know me, I fell for you.

You were cute, unbelievably smart, undeniably popular, I fell for you.

I was a geek, you never really noticed, you had hot girls, I fell for you.

You were rude to me, sometimes unreal, you ignored the fact that I lived, I fell for you.

I moved on in life, trying not to remember you, which was hard to do, I fell for you.

I found someone else, he was nicer than you, he cared for me, I fell for you.

I got really sick, couldn’t move a muscle, you stayed in my thoughts, I fell for you.

He stayed by my side, holding my hand, until I died, I fell for you.

In my final resting place, I cant get rid of your face, you were such a beautiful disgrace and yet I fell for you.

I Live a Dream

’I live a dream, and wake at dusk. I dream of my life, and it blows away like dust.′

I have nightmares, of my death soon approaching. But the dream itself is insane, me actually croaking!

’I live a dream, and wake at dusk. I dream of my life, and it blows away like dust.′

I dreamt of a man, coming into my life. The problem was, with the man came strife.

’I live a dream, and wake at dusk. I dream of my life, and it blows away like dust.′

The funny thing is, what’s real and what’s not, is my life real, or is the dream all I got?

’I live a dream, and wake at dusk. I dream of my life, and it blows away like dust.′

The bad thing is, the man came and so did the death. So I guess the dreams were my life, but that’s my only guess.

’I live a dream, but I didn’t see dawn. I’m now stuck in darkness, and my life is merely gone.′

So I lived a dream, or dreamed my life. For now I have waken up, and I’m someone’s wife!

’Did I live a dream, or dreamed of my dream? Thank goodness I live now, or is it only what it seems?′

I Live Tomorrow, But Die Today

I live tomorrow, but die today, for I tried and tried, to run away.

How can I not have, it scared me so much. I needed someone’s cold soft touch.

I live today, but die tomorrow, my idea of living is full of sorrow.

What is the living and what is the dead? Who can see yesterday, and see the days ahead?

I live tomorrow, but die today. I tried so much, that my spirit flew away.

I’ll Never Let You Go

There’s a certain person for each lover, from which so many feelings can spill out. I found that love, but lost it. And I still weep and pout.

I love you, I miss you, I need you, but I’ll never let you know.

He loved me once, but that love is way over. I sit sulking in my house, with some ice cream and a cover.

I stuff myself, for the hole in my heart can’t be filled. Unless someone like you comes along, and he can easily be killed.

I love you, I miss you, I need you, but I’ll never let you know.

I need my love, it burns my heart. It’s not the ice cream, but I guess it’s being apart.

I can’t stand the pain, it easily comes. It’s not like heartburn, that you can get rid of with Tums.

I love you, I miss you, I need you, but I’ll never let you know.

I’ve given up with love, to live my life alone. But out of the blue, comes my perfect someone.

He’s better than the other, I can’t believe my eyes! He’s perfect in every way, no strings attached inside.

But I still yearn for the other man, what is wrong with me? I have someone better, why can’t I see?

I love you, I miss you, I need you, but I’ll never let you know.

I Love You, My Dear

I spend the whole day, with that one special man. I watch his every move, to figure out my loving plan.

I know he notices me, from that smile that makes me melt. He understands my feelings, and it seems as if he knows how I felt.

I have a broken heart, shattered into a million shards. He heals my heart, with roses or with cards.

It’ll take a while, but I know he’ll always be near, and so I want to say, I love you, my dear.

I’m Alone

He’s off at another thing, I sit here a alone. I wait for him to call, as I sit near the phone.

He might not call, but yet again he would. We’d talk for a while, and see each other if we could.

I can’t stand the wait, to see him tomorrow. To hold on to his hand, and for me from him to follow.

Today is good, but tomorrow will be great. To walk around in front of people, with my loving mate.


He’d been there for me, when my mother had died. He’d been there for me, when I gave up and cried.

He’d been there for me, when I tried to lie. He’d been there, but not when I died.

He’d come upon me, knife in hand. He told me not to worry, it sounded like a demand.

He told me he loved me, and not to fight. He killed me then, that day, that night.

We had just made love, he had gone to get food. Or so I thought, but his food wasn’t the right mood.

He had gone to get the thing that would end, my life as I know, with him I wouldn’t spend.

He hid it behind his back, at first I question why. He pulled it out, and I felt my heart fly.

He talked to me, as smooth as any other day. But this night, I’d just pass away.

He came at me swiftly, stabbed my arm with a blow. The pain shot through me, that’s all I really know.

He lunged again, this time unexpected. But my wrists weren’t ready, for them he injected.

The knife cut my veins, crimson flowing out. The pain was unbelievable, I just had to shout.

I ran to the corner, shaking with fear. He said something, I couldn’t quite hear.

I started to get dizzy from loss of blood. My wrists turning purple, and the floor all a flood.

My blood poured around me, as I curled into a ball. My naked body shaking, I couldn’t feel at all.

I grabbed the necklace that was around my neck. I prayed with it in my hands, but there was no luck.

Blood filled my hair, as I cried onto the floor. I blacked out, and pain there was no more.

The next day, cops had found me. Covered with blood, they just couldn’t believe.

I lay in a puddle, blood all around. But in the middle, a heart carved into the ground.

Footprints showed them the person they sought. He gave up after he had fought.

My spirit still angry, my soul stayed behind. To watch him rot behind bars, and to feel his heart unwind.

So my spirit was off, to a happier life. To no unexpected happenings, and no more strife.


The dark side of the moon, a “Blank” report, a random girl, who loves a sport.

A punk girl, a prep, a dumb blonde, a freak. A book they like, a guy that they seek.

If they only knew what lie ahead, they wouldn’t speak, but would be full of dread.

Some are interesting, others dwell in desperation, but this is the world I live in, so I look to find inspiration.

In the Dark

She sits in her room, as she listens to the noises. She turned off her light, and now she’s in darkness.

She loves the dark, she loves thinking to herself. She thinks of tomorrow, or of meeting her dream elf.

She can’t see what waits tomorrow, but she thinks way off, which takes her far.

After her thoughts fly off and away, she lays in the dark, and sleep prevails that day.

In the Rain

The thing is that I love. I love someone who doesn’t know. He’s there everyday, but I think I’m just too low.

I walk in the rain, and from behind me he jumps. I scream and he apologizes, but I still have goosebumps.

He walks me home, giving me his coat. I laugh with him, though the tightness is getting worse in my throat.

We arrive at my house. How does he know I’m alive? He says sweet things, and then goodbye.

The next day is school, I can’t wait to see him. So I dress up pretty, happy with every whim.

I arrive at school, no sign of this guy. He didn’t go to school that day, for that night, I found out why...

He got shot by a drive-by, walking home from my place. I would never see the man I loved, or his endless smiling face.

Is Everything What it Seems?

You can’t win, you can’t lose, your fate condemns you from which you choose.

You lie awake, but snore asleep, you are quite noisy, but don’t make a peep.

You sit up, you lay down, you’re on land, now about to drown.

What can these things, truly mean? Are they true or false? Are they what they seem?

Is Love Real?

A sweet, passionate kiss, nice, but it doesn’t seem so real, I think of it, and wonder how long it would take me to heal.

I want to be loved, to feel good, to be held in someone’s arms. To dance slowly with a man, while he whispers in my ear sweet charms.

I dream every night of my knight coming along, but the morning only brings me to cry. I can’t fall in love, for it will only bring him harm, and my fate would be to die.

It’s Me!!!

I stand in the crowd, smiling to everyone. I laugh along with each joke, until they’re all said and done.

But the real reason for this poem, is to express my emotions. I may be in the middle of the crowd, but no one takes any notions.

I am but a wisp of air, noticed from time to time. I try to scream but nothing comes out, except for this rhyme.

I want to be noticed, I work so hard to be that way. I want to be like the girl who steals the crowd, from one glance at her graceful sway.

I may not be her, but I exist too, here, right now, where I shall always be. I finally gain the courage to get attention, when over the crowd hovers my voice in “IT’S ME!!!”

Heads turn, for one second, but reverse back to that one instant before. I tried my best, I sulk away, not to show myself to anyone anymore.

I Will Remember You

I hear your voice, calling out to me. You talk to encourage, never leaving me be.

I will remember you.

You never laughed at me, never being rude. You stood by my side, always with your own attitude.

I will remember you.

You flirted at me, I flirted back. We had the same classes, and it became a knack.

I will remember you.

I fell for you, but you couldn’t stay. Your parents told you that you were moving far away.

I will remember you.

Your still in my mind, even though I have another. He can never take your place, when I think of us together.

I will remember you.

I Wish I Could Save You

My dear friend, how long has this occurred? We are far apart, and our friendship often stirred.

You tell me of your pain and my heart starts to break. The distance doesn’t help, but we continue to partake.

Please let me help, whether with words or affection. You hardly let people in, but we have a connection.

It’s been four years in the making and I regret it none. But I miss you and mourn you, ever since this begun.

My dear friend, your pain is mine. So soon be free and please be fine.

I love you my friend, and you may not know. Time and space harm us and for this we must forgo.

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