Never Cage A Bird/Heart Break

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Never Cage A Bird is a poem that would take people of certain life perspectives to understand the poem. Heart Break is for those going through or those who understand breakups.

Poetry / Drama
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Chapter 1

Never cage a bird.


A bird is meant to be free.

A bird is meant to sing and fly away...

Let him go.

Let the waterfall flow and let the sun glow.

Lay down in a river, let that log go.

Never cage a humming bird.

She’ll die of being cooped up.

Let her free.

Let her fly free and sing..

It’s meant to be.

Please set them free.

Let him be.

Set her free.

Heart Break

I never wanted a heart of gold to sink in a lake,

How did a love so fake end up in a tragic break

My love, is real

As love can only feel is real.

His eyes are softer than all those other boys.

If I hurt you, I hurt me.

If I set you free, you know it it will hurt me and I can’t deny.

Oh love I wanna hear your laugh.

’Cause I wanna know if you’re truly okay.

I love you all day, I dream of you all night,

Oh love, I knew you were bright cause you’re like a night light chasing away fears.

We wash our tears together, we both fight our fears over the years.

I wanna hear your voice but it’s your choice of what we do.

In love, I’m quite new.

Easley blue but true to you.

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