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when life gives you lemons share them with friends it’s not always that you get to enjoy the little things. - grim Crow

death is a friend long treated as an enemy go rest... rest and arise from slumber into an eternal dream.-the Pheonix, by grim Grow

when you hold a grudge it can be hard to open doors just like if you are hands-free it can be easy to shake hands in peace.-Grim Crow

Run for the sky and fall flat on your face build a skyscraper and touch the clouds.-Grim Crow

To love is to let go to hate is to be let down.- Grim Crow

Destiny is a book written by those worthy those who choose to do not will get not and those to choose to stand, choose to change and they will become more than what they are.- Grim Crow

I am the pretty thing hidden in your soul the beauty behind compassion the mercy behind fury and the yang to the yin.

I am your horror your hatred pungent as a landfill big as the sun two sided and ugly I hide in you every day waiting to show my face I am the yin to yang

fear shows you as you are love shows you as is and sadness and anger shows what could be

those who smell tea either smell water or a nice drink

reach low get low aim high run from landing arrow

if you are abusive your no better than the victim you call worthless they may be worthless but you are worth none she may be stupid but you are senseless they may be brave but you are not.

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