poems and tea

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time after time I lay in my bed, time after time I wish I was dead time after time that’s all that’s said.-dreamland grimcrow

I am a rose not of beauty I am a rose who feels pretty - grim crow

the sun it shines the clouds they fly the shade it lays and my son it loves.- grim crow

Be inspired or be retired either way you can be higher. -grim crow

When the fire touches the skin and the hisses become your friends never burn again burn my friend
burn the fire I yearn to leave this burning rage this fiery depth of nothing but flames and kids who complain
dear lord I’m ahead of my time out my mind in love with a man who cannot save anything mentally he is heavenly more creative than Stan Lee smarter than Hawking and he is my kingdoms king as the sunshine and the breeze my burning rage my burning bush.-grim crow

I am a Rose oh yes I am merry I just wished that I had not married now I am homeless nowhere to go no more light for this little rose.

God is love love is life god is life.-grimcrow

The world is different so is a person not everything is the same.-grim crow

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