A Cruise for Lily Louise and Jeffrey

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What will a cruise be like for Lily Louise and her husband Jeffrey?

Poetry / Romance
Laraine Smith
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Chapter 1

Lily Louise and Jeffery,

They both enjoy the sunset.

The moon will soon rise.

All the skyscrapers,

Window lights outshine the stars!

They are magical!

This makes their trip heavenly.

There is radiance.

They celebrate love.

They celebrate tenderness.

They share devotion.

They both see the moon,

And they see Earth’s satellite.

They stare into space.

In a magic flash,

They float up to the sky,

And they see the stars.

There are purple skies.

The skies have bright shades of blue.

It is magical.

They float back down,

And they sail to Italy.

They both see Venice.

Its sky is purple,

And they both see many ships.

They see buildings, too.

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