Black, White and Red

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It's all black and white, with red in between.

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Ah, the color black.

The fear, the sadness that people can't crack.

The demons that people will never see.

Alas, these demons will never set us free.

Yes, the color black.

It's the color that all people don't lack.

You see, my friend, every single thing will be let go.

Soon, we will all be consumed, but we will never know.

The people out there, saying that we should never give up,

They are too optimistic. Soon, they will also be damned.

For their optimism will soon doom them, into illusions

Of not seeing their end, their conclusions.

Soon, we will drown, drown in the color black.

Drowned and floating like the letters on a doormat.

We dance, but we don't realize,

We are fleeting like scared, hopeless mice.

We are born to create, yet we made ourselves to destroy.

Life is our playground, and the earth, sky and sea are our toys.

We will destroy it eventually.

It's all a matter of time, but do not hurry.

We still have a lot of time for the death of everything.

Come one, come all, for the free-for-all, the prize is nothing.

Life will go on, so why reject the color black?

After all, it's the one thing we always have.

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