Black, White and Red

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If there is black, there is white.

If there are countless losses, there are countless victories, like rice.

And all these victories will lump up and give hope.

Give hope, and to those who lost it, give some sort of rope.

Because life is surely hard, I'm sure people suffered.

The fact that gods, if there are gods, have ignored

These little people, the ones who prayed,

Let us give them a reason, to stand again.

I'm not the prophet, I'm not Jesus Christ.

I am not a hero, and salvation will never be mine.

I am lost in the darkness, all the time

But you people can do it, everything'll be fine.

I'm not going to go on and on about this color

Because I explained all the horror

And because you must find the salvation yourself.

There will always be hope, and there will always be some help.

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