Black, White and Red

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Red. The color of violence.

Everything doesn't make sense.

Why not burn it instead?

After all, we always want to destroy our dread.

Can you try?

Look at the machine that can fly.

Shoot it down, kill, kill!

Let's all kill, kill, kill.

Kill, kill, isn't it funny?

We are born to burn, to un-learn.

We come from the womb

We can't go back, right?

We are life.

We make structures, buildings and invent items.

But we are also death.

We destroy these, and a lot more.

Kill, kill, destroy, rape, kill!

Kill, kill, kill!

Burn it all down to the ground,


Into black.

Until then, we will always see the color red.

Until then, there will be white.

Until then, we will always see....

Black, white and red.

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