Looking for Darkness in the Light: Life, Turmoil, Heartache and Pain

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POETRY BASED STORIES This is a story based on events, thoughts, stories and what I think and feel in life. Writing is my light in the darkness. This will be poetry, stories, feelings. This story is about events and poems related to what happened in my life. The insanity, the heartbreak, the pain, life, death the fairy tale has never been my reality. My reality has been darkness and horror but peace and light. I am writing to hopefully help someone, make them smile, survive in life or at least survive something you may think you would not be able to get through. This story is based on real events. Drama, poetry, trauma, heart ache, sadness, depression, operations and more.

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Hate In the Darkness

It is difficult when you look in the mirror and feel anger and hate towards yourself.

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