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A Project Kid

By rello1104 All Rights Reserved ©

Poetry / Other


If you have a dream live it, go for it, strive for it. Don’t let anyone tell you, you can’t make it because you can. You will have family members who you think should believe in you the most doubt you at your best. You will lose friends on your journey, so never settle but for the best. I don’t care what life throws at you. Always have faith in YOU. You don’t have to have others to believe in you. Believe in yourself and put yourself in the right position the right ones are going to believe in you. I want you to ALWAYS remember that when life gets hard and things start to not make sense seek ye first the kingdom of GOD. Only time can prepare you on a journey called life. He’s the maker and creator of all things so have faith. By all means love yourself like you never been loved, and if you never been loved that should make you want to love yourself even more. Forgive those who hurt you, who will hurt you and who has already hurt you, also those that intentionally hurt you. Forgive and let go, by all means let go. To you beautiful black QUEENS always remember you’re a diamond, and don’t let anybody treat you as less. You deserve exactly what you put in it. Always remember these four letters L.O.V.E, be it, feel it, own it, embrace it, cherish it, and know when you have it, it’s sacred.

Don’t be overcame by what you been through overcome what you go through. Strength, beauty, happiness, peace, stability, love, respect, confidence, ambition, and motivation all begins with self. Change is inevitable, sometime’s a person’s biggest mistake; is not believing in themselves. Circumstances only shape you to test your strength faith, and self dedication; remember God molded Adam from clay so always know you’re fearfully and wonderfully made. You’re whole.

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