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True Love Will Prevail

I think of you more and more each day of life to see.

I miss your dark sparkling eyes and crooked smile.

I miss your gentle touch and surging kiss upon my lips.

I miss your strong hands when you held mine.

When you held me in your arms, I felt comfortable and warm.

How I miss you so, my darling.

I miss your gentle hands and fingers as you would brush my hair away from my face when you looked at me, your eyes would sparkle brightly in moonlight beam shine.

The tenderness, and love, you felt for me would make me smile, just knowing you cared for me in some way.

The Love I felt when with you, was a dream come true.

I know you have another love and don't want to hurt her anymore.

But each time I see you, I remember the wonderful memories we once shared.

The times we'd walked, in the newly fallen snow, through parks and meadows be, will be my most cherished moments of life with te.

These are the memories, I've always had with you that made me the happiest when we were together.

That night was magical, a fantasy, that will never die. The night of the freshly fallen snow from above.

A beautiful and surreal, dream of true love that will ever linger in my soul.

It was a very magical time of life with you, my darling. You were my strength and power to go on, in hard times and misfortune of the past.

Your love for me was a fortress, a place to hide, to refresh my thoughts, and to go on with life's highway, no matter what the cost.

The love we shared, will always stay, in my heart even though, we have separate lives to lead and go on with life's parallels and pain.

Our hearts will forever belong together, in silence be, that no can share, as you and I have had.

Just to hear your voice would brighten my day.

Your smile would put the fire within my loving soul.

Your silent glance would tell me, how much you wanted to be, near me once again.

Your sparkling dark eyes would let me know, how much you want our lips to meet once more, as I do my sweet lover be, but life has other choices for us to follow its leads.

Our paths will cross, again one day, if destiny so chooses it to be, if our Love is true, as it seems to be this day, our Love shall prevail, we then will become as one, forevermore.

True Love Will Prevail, if destiny, so chooses it to be.

Written By: Cindy L. Rasey

Date Written: March 28, 2013

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