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I Still Miss You Daddy, and Mommy Too

I still miss you, daddy dear, now that you have passed away from me.

And I still miss you every day, daddy dear.

I miss your smile, and your laughter to hear daddy dear.

Mommy still has all the memories of you and her upon the fireplace mantle.

Even though the fireplace no longer works as it uses to her memories are scattered across the mantle.

It's still a grand tribute to you and her, and the years you shared as husband and wife.

Even though this house isn't where you and mommy spent most of your lives together, the memories still linger within these walls.

I come every day, to take care of mommy dear, as her memories slip away.

Her memories are slipping away, each and every day, as time goes by, Alzheimer's is stealing her memories, away from my brothers and me.

The memories here still haunt me, each and every day. You were a great father even though you were strict on us all, especially me because I was the baby of the family and a girl at that.

I remember many a time you would take brothers to the old woodshed the stood behind the house and belted them a time or two, or somewhere else when they were bad or misbehaved at church or home. I remember that clear as can be.

But I don't remember, a time you ever took me there, if I misbehaved, you only used your bag open hand on my bottom when I was bad.

But the tenderness you showed when I was good made it all better for a while, was so much more to a young child, as I was.

Your Love and caring were unconditional love, were unbelievable for us kids and mommy dear.

No matter how hard you were on us, as children, your Love for us would always outshine, the bad no matter what it would be.

You taught us how to respect each and every person, we'd meet along life's highway.

Even though they were rude or unkind, we still had to show respect no matter the cost.

Your love and faith in God always got us through no matter what was put in front of us, good, bad, or indifferent.

Your Love and Faith in God always seemed to be your fortress and power to get through a hard time on life's highway.

I try to visit your graves as often as I can, I only wish it could be more.

Tears still flow every now and then for both of you, no matter how hard I try to them from others around me.

But my heart still aches sometimes for the both of you now and then.

But there were times when I looked at that fireplace mantle and remembers all the memories that still linger within those walls where mommy lived for a while after you passed away.

Her Love for you, stood strong and pure, within her heart, she spoke of you often at times, until the Alzheimers took them all from her and us.

It was getting hard for her to keep going some days, but I know you wouldn't want her to give up yet, it wasn't quite time for her to join you in heaven.

I still felt there was a reason for her to go on at that time.

But then maybe, I was afraid of letting losing her before I was ready to let her go.

Daddy, it still hurt deep inside sometimes, I miss you and Mommy so much.

All though I know you and mommy are in a better place, away from the suffering and pain you both had.

But my heart and soul still miss you and mommy no matter how hard I try to go on.

I can only imagine how mommy felt every now and then when she could remember you.

The memories still linger, within those walls, upon the fireplace mantle, be, where mommy once lived before, she lost her memories.

Written By: Cindy L. Rasey

Date First Written: March 28, 2013

Date Revamped: Oct. 11, 2017

This one was revamped after I got started on it.
I will put the original ones at the back of my book of any, I revamp, as I write them.
Thank You, for Taking the Time, to Read My Poems Within these covers.
Daddy Passed: 2011
Mommy Passed: 2015

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