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Keep Hoping to See You

I haven't written in a while, never seems like I have much time to anymore.

But I think of you all the time.

Keep hoping to see your wonderful face and dark eyes looking at me as you that crooked smile.

Your eyes start to shine each and every time we would meet.

Then you'd take me into your strong arms hugging me endlessly, then you kiss me long and strong, yet gentle.

You'd smile at me once again and quietly whisper, God I've missed you, woman.

Then we'd stand quietly in each other's arms for a while.

I'd feel so safe and warm wrapped in your arms circled around me.

The love I feel when with you, is like a dream, I don't want to wake up from. I want to stay forever with you.

Sometimes I'm never sure if you Love me as much as I Love you. But it seems, when together it doesn't matter, the time I get to see you is all that matters.

We don't get to see each other much anymore, you live so far away, all I want to do is spend what time we have together, it's precise and few but meaningful too.

Sometimes I wonder how we have survived in all the years we've loved each other for being so far apart as we are, you in one state and I in another.

But then maybe it the phones we use just to keep in touch, talking and texting, as often as we can.

I miss you so much when we're apart, it hurts, but your life there is as important as mine is here.

But our hearts will ever be connected in some way or another be.

Keep hoping to see you again.

I'm so lonely for you and your loving arms and the warmth I feel cradled in your strong arms.

I miss your kisses my dear and the wonderful smelling men's cologne, you'd wear when around me, it would spellbind me to your loving heart and soul.

I loved to see you dressed in your uniform, you'd wear for work, you looked grand and stood tall and proud to wear.

Keep Hopping To See You, Coming Across The Way, Once More To Be In Your Arms To Stay.

I Love You and Always Have.

Please Never Forget, How Much I Love You, No Matter What, My Sweet Darling For To Be.

Written By: Cindy L. Rasey

Date First Written: April 10, 2013

Date Revamped: Oct. 10, 2017

I revamped just a little, but not by much, But I may add it to the back of my book, along with the others.

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