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Love Still Lingers Within

As I sit in early morning light drinking my coffee, I think of you and your wonderful face sitting across from me on the patio in the early morning light, as the sun creeps up to the sky in the horizon behind us to see.

As the sun shines upon you cool black hair, I remember a time you grew it long and the wind would blow it gently.

Your dark sparkling eyes in the sunlight would shine like diamonds in the gruff.

Your smile sweet, gentle and warm as you would look at me across the table to be.

I always knew what you were thinking deep within your wonderful mind could be.

Your thought is mine to see, the Love we once shared, deep and strong, when young and vulnerable we were once to be.

All through the times we once had, have all passed us bye, our heart still beat as one.

Our lives have taken different paths over the years of separation and pain. Lifes destiny has pulled us apart by unforeseen force out of control.they said we were too young to know what true love was, even though we knew better.

For some odd reason, our hearts have always stayed connected.

Now that we have found each other once again, our thoughts go back to the time when we were young and vulnerable.

Even though we have been separated for many years past.our hearts still sing as one, when together. Even though we live separate lives, our hearts still connect every time we see each other and remember the times when young.

Yes, we both wonder what might have been if we hadn't been separated as we were when young and vulnerable.

Lifes highway has taken us in separate directions, but our young Love still lingers within.

No matter how far or near we may be apart or how long between the time it, is to see each other our hearts still sing as one when together.

Even though we knew it was wrong when we first found each other again.

We've Loved and kissed many a time over since then and still do every now and then.

But our young Love has always overpowered our moral and respect of other we are now with.

But it is so hard to say "NO" to one another when together be when we hadn't seen each in a long period of time in between.

Love still lingers within our heart and soul, shall forever be, no matter how hard it may be to sever a connection between two hearts, that bind us still, Our Love still lingers within, forever to be.

Written By: Cindy L. Rasey

Date First Written: May 12, 2013

Date revamped a little: Oct.12, 2017

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